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Soup kitchen initiative in Venezuela accepting bitcoin donations. They support lightning as well. 👌

Coordinated by @btcven


Hope I’m not breaking a law of Mastodon here, but could use some help with votes! Cast your vote below 🙂


@ethereumweekly @mattodell it does. Go to “settings” and select “Mastodon” theme.

Who are some of the best follows so far on Mastodon?

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Hodl is a bitcoin thing. No one else gets to use Hodl. it doesn't work anywhere else.

@Dennis thanks! Was trying to see if there was a way to do it without having to delete. Would've been a nice edge vs. Twitter.

Does mastodon allow you to edit toots after submitting them?

@nic The fact people didn't think through free TXs being a vulnerability such that you & I could hypothetically send TX back & forth all day and clog the network in an attempt to bring it down, blows my mind.

Some perspective despite dropping prices this week:

at ~$6,100 today is still up appx +73% relative to where it was on August 11, 2017 (~$3,525).

Noticing more & more people being stressed, thinly spread out & exhausted these days. Bear market certainly not helping. Breathe. Exercise. Take a break every now and then. The future has never been brighter but we won't get there if we burn out 🙏

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