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Anyone aware of the "Quantum Financial System"? And whether or not it ties into the Bitcoin mission/philosophy?

Time for another mini update to this thread.

I've spoken to a variety of lawyers in a variety of contexts to get a better understanding why different agencies have such wildly varied opinions on the status of Bitcoin.

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Wrote this for someone in my life, thought I'd share it here. Maybe it helps someone, and maybe some of you can help me improve on it for next time:

We talked about four components of bitcoin custody:

‘Skynet Is A Private Company, They Can Do What They Want,’ Says Man Getting Curb-Stomped By Terminator #Comedy

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Well, I migrated off to my own self hosted Mastodon instance. 179 of 183 followers migrated over and when I imported my following list I am now following 216 of 221.

I setup the instance on a cheap VPS running Arch Linux, by installing from source via the official Mastodon guide. I would say setting up the server was intermediate difficulty. If you regularly setup Linux applications you'll be okay. If not I would recommend getting a pre-built instance.

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All of a sudden schools should reopen, restaurants should allow dine-in, the CV surge has peaked, #'s are inaccurate, etc.

In other words, our children, livelihoods, and mental health were held hostage for political purposes.

We're all disposable to those in pursuit of power.

Market dropped 10% due to false claims of a double spend.
This report ignores how the protocol works.
Two miners find a block at the same time, the first of those two blocks to gain a parent is kept and the other one is rejected. This is by design and happens all the time. Its why we wait for multiple confirmations before accepting a that a payment has been sent/received.

In other words, institutions are spreading fear for a lower buy in. Keep stacking.

This is the 'article' that caused the fud. It's not @BitMEXResearch's fault. The information was horribly translated my @Cointelegraph. The piece is so wrong about the facts that it kinda hurts.

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The Great Migration: As Speech Is Censored, Bitcoin Finds Mastodon.

"The Bitcoin Mastodon community has grown from just a few thousand users a week ago to over 10,000 users at the time of this writing."

Written by @drbitcoinmd.

You couldn't rip up a wet paper bag bro.
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@posco I have like twelve more of these threads to do. I'll rip up the store of value thesis in a week or so. Patience.

Everyone waiting for the bearish head and shoulder pattern. LOL

Might be the same people with there $19.5k limit orders.

Time in the market is always better than timing the market.

Advanced Mastodon Tricks #1

- Explore other instances - you can use this tool to view their local timelines.
- Fedi is not just Mastodon.
Better Youtube? !
Better Instagram? !
Better Reddit? !
And the kick? You can cross post / share between them, since they all use the same protocol :)

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Welcome to , here are couple tricks:
- find the content to follow, no company is shoving content into your face here
- initially check as many profiles as you can and follow if you enjoy their toots
- lists instances
- /about page of each instance has "Discover users" + "what's happening": great way to find profiles to follow.
- click on "star" if you enjoyed the post, "boost" if you want your followers to enjoy it too
- block spammy accounts right away

Bit Digital is being accused of lying to investors about it's Bitcoin mining operations. $BTBT claims you can verify its operations on Huobi.pool and AntPool. (accusations) (claims of verification)

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