Who's routing on lightning? Lets connect!

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If you've got lost bitcoin (locked out of wallet, etc), I might be able to help. Feel free to DM me on twitter


Text from dad: "what's going on with bitcoin??"

Like, did you think it would just keep going literally straight up??

Why do I feel like some day I'm gonna be on here with a 1-bar signal from my goTenna loading directions to the citadel as I trudge through a barren desert repeating a 12 word seed in my head

Ironically, trying to move a few thousand dollars through the banking system in order to buy bitcoin was my little brother's "aha" moment about bitcoin

I'd be buying this dip if I had any fiat left

I love when Saifedean makes fun of Bill Gates's man boobs

We need a decentralized social media ~protocol~ to gain network effects
What cool protocols are already out there?

Lots of imposter accounts on here. Looks for verified links (green checkmark) in profiles. Anyone know how to verify your twitter account here?

Got my goTennas delivered the other day... is anyone else quietly prepping for the whole internet to go down lol

I'm waiting to drop this dunk on Nouriel Roubini on Twitter... how much longer should I wait? At least $100K i think...

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