So for today, the bitcoin hardware wallet that got my attention the most in a list of 10, is a bit of a strange one. Granted, it doesn't really strike one as a "traditional hardware wallet" -

It's a Google Pixel 3A with Graphene OS / Calyx + Electrum.

You wouldn't find it easily, but it has been described in
(the one in they described however is a Pixel 4A)

The latest Google Play Store Bitcoin wallet reviews April 25, 2022 for


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The Tianji Data (Shenzen), or simply TJ Wallet W1 hww bundle, can connect directly to an Android mobile phone's USB port.

You can download the app's apk which is directly hosted on the downloads page of the provider.

Find out our take on this hardware wallet via

Just finished reviewing this device - which I guess was last pictured by John McAfee. πŸ‘»

Read my review soon at

- Firmware is based off archived Trezor MCU
- has to connect to a browser extension
- Company domain ( is no more.

Blast from the past. The Financial Revolution from LynxArtCollection.

Blast from the past.

Circa 2014. Signatur Vault, cold storage device.

Source: Ireland.

Now investigating the SFYL Hardware Wallet

On one hand, it looks cool. On the other hand - SFYL means "Sorry For Your Loss!" 🀣

After a long hiatus, I just made a Merge Request in this amazing project!

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