Damn! Took my HW wallets to upgrade and just bricked my @bitcoinhackers.org Mk1 upgrading with the last firmware. 😭 it was working nicely before. Saw the alert on the website later.

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Well so bitcoin core was attacked by a script kid digging github repos and making dummy pull requests. 😂

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Saying Goodbye once again to Linux Journal:

"On August 7, 2019 Linux Journal shut its doors for good. All staff were laid off and the company is left with no operating funds to continue in any capacity. The web site will continue to stay up for the next few weeks, hopefully longer for archival purposes if we can make it happen."


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Turns out firefox uses google services for its geolocation stuff to begin with, and while I had not given any sites permission to read my location data, I had not turned off firefox's geolocation entirely (that option is hidden behind `about:config`). Wonder if disabling those will fix the issue.

In any case, thanks for looking out for my privacy, mozilla. That google money must be nice.

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I always receive authentication failures using mastalab and orbot to connect to bitcoin hackers.
"Error 401 attention required Cloudfare" it says.
Do we have any alternative?

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Totally concur on this timing.
Time to appreciate:
Ownership of 1.28 BTC puts you in the top 10% of holders in the world.
Ownership of 3.99 BTC puts you in the top 5% of ownership.
Ownership of 15 BTC puts you in the top 1%.
Note: Don't have the source. This is pretty old though.

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㊗️ Bitcoin Core v0.17 has been released! ㊗️

Download links: bitcoincore.org/bin/bitcoin-co

"postmeritocracy" - aproprie-se de um termo, mude o significado e destrua.
se vc destruir a palavra "mérito", poderá definir quem/que grupo vai receber reconhecimento e os frutos do trabalho. vai recompensar quem fala em detrimento de quem faz. vai recompensar politicagem ao invés de mão na massa. reuniões vazias ao invés de código escrito e trabalho feito.

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This is why - to me - Bitcoin is so important.

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)

At the demise of empire, City of London financial interests created a web of secrecy jurisdictions that captured wealth from across the globe and hid it in a web of offshore islands. Today, up to half of global offshore wealth is hidden in British jurisdictions and Britain and its dependencies are the largest global players in the world of international finance.


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“Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. Privacy is not secrecy. A private matter is something one doesn't want the whole world to know, but a secret matter is something one doesn't want anybody to know. Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.”

- Eric Hughes, A Cypherpunk’s manifesto.

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Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

We're going to live in a very weird world man.


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"According to a study of 775 fiat currencies, there is no historical precedence for a fiat currency that has succeeded in holding its value. Twenty percent failed through hyperinflation, 21% were destroyed by war, 12% destroyed by independence, 24% were monetarily reformed, and 23% are still in circulation approaching one of the other outcomes."


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Ext4 can handle maximum 63 🤨s in its file name.
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Well it looks like the bulls are starting to get rowdy

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