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shapeshift is pivoting to clean lifestyle points

@MrHodl Is the full IPO document online somewhere?

@mberger I'm a pescatarian and regularly torture my followers by drinking soy milk live on periscope.

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Just FYI everyone, don't assume DMs on here are private. From what I can piece together they can very easily be displayed totally publicly if circulating to other instances.

Maybe we should all move to Pastebin like IOTA.

@mikeinspace The thing that really impresses me about Mastodon is that Richard Heart is not here.

Laowhy86 said avoid Baotou & the west, now I've no idea.

Anyone been to Inner Mongolia? Trying to find out, which cities to avoid.

How I supposed to know what to like if I can't see what other people like? What kind of cult is this!!!

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