@dandarkpill Her tweet is ridiculous. I prefer this setup to the arbitrary bot hell-hole that twitter has become.

@dandarkpill Alrighty, everyone, stop the butthurt. Yeah, I'm not going anywhere, but her points are not entirely invalid. There are fundamental problems with Mastodon, such as the DM issue I pointed out when I first got here. Use it if you want, I am, but don't pretend its perfect and flawless just because it isn't Twitter.

@shinobimonkey @dandarkpill then fix it. it's open source, based off gnu social - put the features you want it in. from my pov - that makes it perfect - way beyond twiiter which can't be changed by the user. far from saying it's perfect and done with, it's good to be critical and change it.

@shinobimonkey @dandarkpill

I guess there's a lot to unpack here, e.g. would anyone do serious private business over twitter DMs, but the overarching point is: nobody suggested this platform is perfect, and it'd be insane to think it could be. FOSS is always rough around the edges, but it's real, organic and sits on a sound base of honesty/transparency and free association. Get out of the consumer mindset!

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