Where are all the BCashers? No fun here.

@dandarkpill Wait a week max until they try to register on to shill bcash and complain about being ban 😂

@dandarkpill I don't make the rules of this server 🤷‍♂️

@Seccour @dandarkpill they'll probably use and lob attacks our way

@btc @dandarkpill I don't much care about having them on Mastodon. Pro Free speech, but... Not having them on bitcoinhackers is interesting in the way that it will keep the local timeline clean.

But hopefully NVK will be a bit chill regarding the rules

@Seccour @dandarkpill I don't think enforcement is going to be crazy here, but it is a private enclave of sorts. With the federated model, we're only as siloed as we want to be as individuals

@btc @Seccour There are not enough morons here, moron participation should be encouraged. My poor attention span means I need to be bombarded with random moronic shitposts just to feel vaguely alive.

@dandarkpill @btc @Seccour It's a common affliction. You don't get rid of it, it just... kind of slowly burns out...

@dandarkpill @Seccour Maybe we can coax Chris DeRose and his followers into joining

@Seccour @dandarkpill They are busy blocking each other on Twitter currently as well as fighting a civil war.

@dandarkpill This here is like the dragon's den... but with elephants.

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