stupid question, but how do I repost her from Twitter with the tweet quote like everyone is doing?

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Can you suggest some sources to start reading about bitcoin and lighting. I would like to understand the protocol well and go through parts of the code. Should I buy Andreas books, to begin with? I am already familiar with programming and c++.

From now on, you people need to start referring to me as "the self-proclaimed bitcoin creator dandarkpill", or I'm going to be sending out letters.

What are going to do about the shitcoiner Dunning-Kruger problem?

I shit you not. This is the title of the whitepaper as uploaded to SSRN by Craig Wright.

These scammers are really depressing. They pollute the brain.

"permissionless" is the word you are looking for.

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"You're not using bitcoin the way you are supposed to, bitcoin was meant to be...."

lol, shut up fucker

BSVers calling Trump a coward because he didn't ban bitcoin and declare Craig Wright the living embodiment of Abraham Lincoln.

censorship on Twitter is really bad, I can still see Udi Wertheimer making that joke

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