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shapeshift is pivoting to clean lifestyle points

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Just FYI everyone, don't assume DMs on here are private. From what I can piece together they can very easily be displayed totally publicly if circulating to other instances.

Maybe we should all move to Pastebin like IOTA.

Anyone been to Inner Mongolia? Trying to find out, which cities to avoid.

How I supposed to know what to like if I can't see what other people like? What kind of cult is this!!!

8,000 followers by tomorrow or I give my account to David Shares.

Just joined the Tron smart toilet integration instance.

Where are all the BCashers? No fun here.

Hey guys,

Just trying out Twitter. It's like Mastodon but feels weird.

Not sure if I'll keep using it, but follow me, so I can sell the account to Roger Ver:


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1 BTC for any details to unmasking Dan Dark Pill. DM me for details.

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