Gotta love when people claim that Linux is too hard for regular people to use.

@quad It's mostly only too hard for people that want to care how to use it properly, yet don't know how to go about things, having been spoonfed by Windows.

@dammkewl It is all about the learning curve. Windows doesn't really spoonfeed that much more. It's just that they kinda memorized how it works

@quad This might be more true than I was initially willing/able to perceive.

@dammkewl When you've done IT support you realize that people usually learn by absolute memorization, and with zero logic.

You'd be surprised to see how many people can get entirely lost for 5 minutes just because you moved one shortcut from the left side of their desktop to the right side. If the button they've always clicked for 2 years moves at all, many older users have zero idea what to do.

@quad I forgot you're in IT support. I had a different demographic in mind entirely, i.e. programmers.

My recent biggest "omg linux why can't I get handy around you" was how I didn't yet know how when an active SELinux is blocking things, it's really obscured when you don't know while looking at the logs and errors.

I was trying to set up RDP to connect from a Windows machine. It took me a week before I figured out SELinux could be the cause, and thanks to a colleague pointing it out even.

@dammkewl SELinux is basically hardening, so you wouldn't encounter that outside of techies anyhow. I have also had my fair bit of confusion thanks to SELinux though.

Also most firewall tools aren't user friendly at all. The most graphical front-ends we have for stuff like firewalld still want to confuse you with crap like zones.

Thank god for ufw, though that's terminal only so not really for average people.
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