"ksplasmashell" just reads as "ks plasma hell" by now...

@dammkewl "ks plasma hell" sounds awesome and terrifying at the same time, is it some tool to monitor for incoming solar flares?

@orionwl I wish I had the luxury of finding the funny in this situation, because after some updates and rebooting for good measure, KDE won't let me log in as root anymore (and no other users have been configured yet) ...

@orionwl I might simply just be world's worst linux user ever.

@dammkewl that's terrible and certainly not funny, upgrading is always hell when it goes wrong

@orionwl The "lucky" side of this is, is that I'm still in the process of trying to set up everything while documenting how to do so.

So my current environment isn't of that much importance as-is, so I'm just doing a complete reinstall by now. Trying to fix "side-issues" I have no knowledge of are frustrating but also teaching me how things are connected, but I have to get this show on the road at some point.

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