If anybody has an easy tutorial that actually works from start to finish, on how to set up on my Fedora 28 KDE Plasma, a working RDP server so that I can actually connect from a windows machine with Remote Desktop Connection, I will be eternally grateful.

Because tigerVNC and xrdp both are letting me down big time...


Well, we can add freenx to that list now...

Just like every tutorial ever:

"just type nxsetup --install --setup-nomachine-key"

Okay now I get an error...

"So there's nothing that could've gone wrong there, let's continue with the next step."

*frustratedly starts googling the error*

Google's response: here's everything in the world that uses "sed" that gives the same error, which is completely unrelated to your case of trying to install freenx server.

*furiously starts adding freenx into the search terms*

Google's response: nope.

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Fedora project wiki pages: "okay so we don't like NX so we've replaced it with an entirely new project X2Go"

Okay but unlike with freenx, I don't see any windows clients anywhere...

"Here's how you install the server..."

Okay then what?

*crickets chirping*


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Okay so maybe there is a windows client, but I'll be damned before I get a working server setup I can connect to...

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