I see no such protest in the Netherlands on this page: .

The Dutch truly are a lost cause that do not care about their future.

@orionwl One without the Netherlands as an independent state at this rate!

@dammkewl I could live with that if nation states will increasingly lose relevancy

@orionwl So true! My problem in this case is not losing the Netherlands as an independent state though, but instead the cause of all of this: another state trying to replace the current ones in place...

@dammkewl @orionwl the upload filter thing is probably the least terrible internet censorship idea coming down from EU. What annoys me the most is that Dutch politicians, representing the country in the EU, hardly care about these issues either and usually just vote in favor. Even parties that are somewhat classical liberal, internet is a non-issue for them. Nation states aren't losing their relevance anytime soon, but the song by Henk Westbrook is relevant here: not many other places to go.


@sjors @orionwl Feature request! Auto redirect reply-toots to the new account! @Gargron

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