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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

And as soon as I posted that, 3 out of all 4 users on the mastodon instance newjack.city started following me...


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I started watching the horror movie "The Nun" and my phone just started rebooting...

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I'm not on Gab, but Gab getting deplatformed from the web and payment services because some user posted noxious stuff on there and then killed people is insane. Every mass shooter also posted on facebook... are we gonna ban facebook too?

The public internet is at its lowest today.

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This is wrong; it means you're doing mnemonics wrong: twitter.com/JuricaBulovic/stat

It's in response to this thread:


Been trying to explain to people for years: with a small initial commitment, it's possible to remember mnemonic phrases over periods of *years* where you only have to call it back to mind from time to time (like, gaps of months, eventually...). And you have a physical backup of course, but the very fact that you don't have to access that, ever, is powerful.

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We've pushed update 0.98.87 - This one will definitely ruffle feathers, but we hope you understand. Read why we decided to remove all fiat currency from Samourai Wallet in our latest blog post. Plus Samourai now available in Chinese and 11 other languages blog.samouraiwallet.com/post/1

The ending in the movie "Upgrade" is perfect.

The movie has some minor plotholes not everyone can overcome, but rarely has a commitment to the story like this been seen all the way through

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The shapeshift situ. :

People on birdsite appear confused. Truth: Voorhees has a background in business, marketing and is one of *the* most talented in the space in that area. However, he is a disgraceful traitor to Bitcoin's cause, big supporter of NYA/S2X and constantly supporting shitcoins since late 2014. Why did he switch? Because the only thing he ever gave a shit about was preening his ego and making huge bags of money from rubes.

Note how common this is amongst 'businessmen' here.

If anybody knows of a FireFox plugin that translates the current open web page in the same tab I'd be grateful.

Because anything I can find right now either:

- Opens a new tab
- Opens some in-page popup
- Reloads the page into an iframe

And all that has to happen is the current present HTML to be edited with the translated text...

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@x0rz You can't even log out, only sign in with a different account, and you'll lose all tabs/settings/bookmarks when you try "forget this person".

But I know how to log out now: never ever using chrome again.

Good riddance.

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Parody, but also based on very real laws that affect everyone, not just Aussies #NSFW 

Done with polish and a smile, but this parody is a chilling look at how surveillance tramples individual rights.


"ksplasmashell" just reads as "ks plasma hell" by now...

*finds out the windows X2GO client uses NoMachine under the hood*


Okay so maybe there is a windows client, but I'll be damned before I get a working server setup I can connect to...

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Fedora project wiki pages: "okay so we don't like NX so we've replaced it with an entirely new project X2Go"

Okay but unlike with freenx, I don't see any windows clients anywhere...

"Here's how you install the server..."

Okay then what?

*crickets chirping*


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Just like every tutorial ever:

"just type nxsetup --install --setup-nomachine-key"

Okay now I get an error...

"So there's nothing that could've gone wrong there, let's continue with the next step."

*frustratedly starts googling the error*

Google's response: here's everything in the world that uses "sed" that gives the same error, which is completely unrelated to your case of trying to install freenx server.

*furiously starts adding freenx into the search terms*

Google's response: nope.

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My venture back into working on Linux has me relearning what I'd hoped to forget: shell and python scripts are okay to set things up quickly with if you want, but so does javascript.

And we all know what's wrong with javascript...

If anybody has an easy tutorial that actually works from start to finish, on how to set up on my Fedora 28 KDE Plasma, a working RDP server so that I can actually connect from a windows machine with Remote Desktop Connection, I will be eternally grateful.

Because tigerVNC and xrdp both are letting me down big time...

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