I'm giving twitter a go again since Jack Dorsey promised a new start:


When all non-bitcoin digital assets experience volatility at once negatively correlated with bitcoin, we'll know something's up.

Popcorn and cryptowat.ch

UK Home Office

Far-right terrorism

There is coverage today in the Times, BBC News Online Sky News, and Independent on a report by Hope Not Hate. The State of Hate report focuses on various issues arising from far-right terrorism and finds that while membership of traditional far-right groups has decreased, far right activity is increasing across the UK and Europe, and driven by anti-Muslim hatred.

Below is a comment from the Security Minister reacting to the report.


Birmingham's .gov website hosting hate materials published by Hope Not Hate, and used in Birmingham schools:

"Over 60% of the under 18 population is now from a non-white British background."

"Open Your Eyes to Hate
"Instead of using hate, replace that with love.“ Nigel Bromage
Read the statement above.
1. What does it mean?"


UK government's 'commission for countering extremism'

Featuring Nick Lowles MBE, Hope Not Hate's exposed fascist, and many more


BBC were always anti-bitcoin, good to see their methods will be exposed:


Good overview of the influence of the Communist Party of China on censorship online:


Could add the deployment of AI developed by Party-controlled companies like Baidu through adtech companies like Kenshoo. Rolling out now in all western countries.

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@damian thats why its so amusing when you hear banks say its used bycriminals and terrorists. Classic projection.

Banks and FIs just can't stop laundering money, bitcoin is not the problem:


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Really good analysis of astroturfing, very familiar from watching bcash:


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