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Fiat is a scam.
You work hard to get it.
They print it for free and share with friends.
You go to jail if you print it.

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RT @pierre_rochard
is more powerful and influential than the US Constitution.

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🚨 🚨 Mastodon instructional video thread!🚨 🚨

This is a short series of videos for those who need help getting Mastodon to be more functional.

Let's begin!

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I just don't see any other solution besides Bitcoin, we'd all be fucked if Satoshi didn't gift this upon the world 🙏

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In a world where shutdowns are becoming increasingly political, what's needed are open source tools. If you've been shutdown from a payments perspective, I suggest looking into BTCPayServer.org

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Shill me your gun and ammo suppliers who accept Bitcoin. Are there any?

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OG bitcoiners know that dips like today are massive opportunities. If this keeps up I might not be able to control myself.... might mess around and make another baby

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So Ron Paul, and the idea of Peace & Liberty is now considered sedition.


First they came for the Proud Boys, & I did not speak out—bc I was not a Proud Boy

Then they came for the Trump supporters, & I did not speak out— bc I was not a Trump supporter

Then they came for the Libertarians, & I did not speak out—bc I was not a Libertarian

Then they came for me...and there was noone left to speak out for me..

The sooner those networks become ghost towns, the better.

I regret convincing normys to buy bitcoin/GBTC. They complain about being down on a $750 total investment while I’m Unphased at a significant drop in USD value of my stash.

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Mastodon cannot be securely used with Tor since it cannot run as a native hidden service. If you do not use mastodon with a hosted vpn (such as mullvad) then both the server and @nvk can log your IP address. The server is a honeypot of personal info on bitcoiners including DMs. Be aware!

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