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Added docs on how to reverse proxy to a @BTCPayServer hidden service hosted in your local network. Benefits: It requires no port forwarding on the LAN and also hides the local IP. Handy if you self host your BTCPay Server at home. Review appreciated …

There are basically two options to build on : You either accept and adhere to mostly nonsensical regulation (even worse: preemptive compliance) or you embrace its cryptoanarchic nature and confront all of that legacy bs which Bitcoin is supposed to obsolete.

We're currently reworking the wallet setup and import in @BTCPayServer – here's a sneak peek, can't wait to finalize and ship this πŸ˜€

Monetary policy is always about trade-offs: central banks accept the fact, that their policy increases asset prices and devalues cash reserves; Bitcoiners accept the fact that everything has to become cheaper with a deflationary monetary policy.

@benkaufman just heard about the grant you got– so awesome, congrats, itβ€˜s well deserved! Keep up the good work and rock on and on and on! πŸš€

Jetzt wo alles wieder pumpt wird es Zeit fΓΌr DoggeCoin, den deutschen Beitrag zum Memecoin-Space. Wer ist da dran?

I used to think that one's personal entry price sets a mental barrier for what one perceives to be a reasonable bitcoin price. Now even the new daily ATHs feels so cheap, that I canβ€˜t even comprehend how early we are. Stack those precious sats while you can.

Zu Hause sitzen, mit Grundeinkommen versorgt von Amazon und Delivery Hero beliefert werden und den ganzen Tag woke ΓΌber Umweltschutz, Nachhaltigkeit und Selbstdisziplin twittern scheint fΓΌr einige schon der wahrgewordene Lebenstraum zu sein.

Wenn Firmen so etwas machen, dann nennt man es Insolvenzverschleppung. Wenn es Staaten machen, dann nennt man es EU.

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