In the end itβ€˜s not just their desolate monetary policies, but also the lack of memetic superpowers: Central banks donβ€˜t have any memes, just weak takes and they donβ€˜t shitpost any gifs here. Poor performance all around on their part.

Spannend zu sehen, wie in den neuen @KarmaMises Episoden immer mehr als LΓΆsungsansatz auftaucht. πŸ˜‰

Der Moment, in dem selbst der Chief Economist von @chainalysis sagt, dass kriminelle AktivitΓ€ten in eine absolute Randerscheinung sind … aber Leute wie @sven_giegold stellen lieber erst einmal alle unter Generalverdacht.

MMT is based on the flawed assumption that new money leads to additive wealth at no cost. Quite the opposite is true: it subtracts from the whole and channels that value to a beneficiary and parasitic elite. Fix the money, fix the world.

Phew, glad that build 666 worked out! 😈
Released v3.2.0 and it features a shiny new Nunjucks adapter provided by @cos_anca. πŸŽ‰

Taproot activation will happen, potentially in 21 blocks. What a great day! πŸŸ©πŸš€

Yeah, my first 3D print. This will be fun, looking forward to The learning experience. Thanks @jokoono for answering all my initial questions. πŸ‘

Wieder einmal bedient @DIEZEIT die ΓΌblichen Angstargumente um und zeigt, dass man weder ordentlich recherchiert noch objektiv berichten mΓΆchte. Lieber hetzt man gegen das weltweit wichtigste Instrument fΓΌr finanzielle Selbstbestimmung, sehr schwach @cerlin.

Bullish on bitcoiners, because they have soul in the game. Love it, @dergigi πŸ‘πŸ§‘

This thing is so cool! Just created a PR that displays the value for value information (type, names and splits) on the podcast info page.

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