@dave I just noticed that our episodes don't contain the value info in the API:

Here's the feed:

Any hints what might be wrong or where I can properly report this issue? There seems to be no active repo for the API on GitHub.

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@dave I added the value blocks on the episode level early last week.

Notices that because I wanted to integrate the value info on the website - now for the episode level like I did earlier for the podcast level.

Just notices that this feed has the info, so it doesn't seem to be a general issue:

@dave Now it's present, thank you! Will try to create a PR for the feature I mentioned :)

@d11n Yeah, I'm working right now on better episode change detection for when people go back and edit old episode metadata. Right now we don't pick it up without kicking the aggregator.

@dave Can you kick the aggregator once more for us please? 😬 (Feed ID is 185230)

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