Well, well. This is going to kill BitRefill on mobile apps:


"Regarding in-app purchases, the company stresses that digital gift cards must be sold exclusively through the App Store’s in-app purchases system. Only physical gift cards can be sold outside the App Store without paying the 30% commission to Apple."


@dave by being so fucking greedy Apple is digging their own grave. Devs and merchants will go and never come back – which is a good thing for everyone working on a truly decentralized future :)

@d11n Agreed. They must be completely tone deaf. Or, maybe just raw hubris. How do you do a thing like that in the face of an already huge amount of criticism about App Store anti-competitive behavior and predatory pricing?

@dave @d11n If this prohibits bitrefill integration into wallets with WebLN, users can just scan a qr code from the website. Not horrible, just an extra step.

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