I shit you not. This is the title of the whitepaper as uploaded to SSRN by Craig Wright.

Quick update on this instance.

Stop freaking out, you will have plenty of time. I’m not not flipping the switch for sometime.

Signups are now closed, but that it for the short term future.

Don’t sit on your arse either, make an effort to run your own instance :)

The goal is more comms resilience.

@dergigi just successfully tested the bot on my account. Can't create the dedicated bot account for the bot right now. No new users are accepted on bitcoinhackers.org right now :O

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"Honey badger don’t care, honey badger don’t give a fuck." ― Randall

On January 14th, 2016, Joseph Poon & Tadge Dryja dropped a whitepaper titled "The Bitcoin Lightning Network: Scalable Off-Chain Instant Payments"


Today, exactly 5 years later, a lightning network of thousands of nodes distributed all around the world is alive & kicking

πŸ‚ish on ⚑️!

I haven't seen here a thread of pictures of nodes. Let's get one going.

This is mine, with UPS to prevent data corruption during blackouts.

Send nodes!

Not your instance not your data.

If you are technically capable, you should run your own and just connect to here. πŸ€”

@jeremy @Bitcoinlabrador @LaserHodl

How about what I posted on twitter: Political thoughts:
- Left: YOU have to pay for what I think is fair
- Right: Every race pays their own shit, strong government protects us from Commies.
- Center: I don't have an opinion, as long as you vote for me.

Since 2009 there was a new political orientation:
- Up

'Right - left' are just distractions so voters have an enemy and don't look to close to what is happening in political circles πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Mastodon cannot be securely used with Tor since it cannot run as a native hidden service. If you do not use mastodon with a hosted vpn (such as mullvad) then both the server and @nvk can log your IP address. The server is a honeypot of personal info on bitcoiners including DMs. Be aware!

European exchanges starting KYC 2.0:

They want users to do a "address verification" within the next 24 hours.

"This means that next time you want to withdraw your cryptocurrency to an external wallet, for example, a Ledger, Trezor or exchange, you will have to verify you have control over that wallet."

How it works?
- Send a small amount from the wallet Coinmerce.

- Upload a screenshot showing the public address and website URL of your wallet.

- Sign a message using your private key.

@minnow if you're in the web client, hit '?' to see the keyboard workflow.

@SteakDestroyer I have said it in several other places (but I am a nobody so chance is slim you saw it before πŸ˜… ).
The intrinsic value of Bitcoin are the Plebs
(might have used term Bitcoiners or Satstackers before, no clue, even I don't remember what I say.)
Even if BTC would crash to 0 (yeah right, GL with that), it changed my life for the better. Different philosophy and found people with same mindset... Thanks y'all, you are super! πŸ€— πŸ‘Š

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