Just moved an LND node with a 600MB channel.db from 32bit armv7l to 64bit Xeon in a breeze.
99%+ uptime is preserved and now continues on a doubly redundant ZFS disk array with 16GB ECC RAM.
Can highly recommend TrueNAS with the help of this awesome guide: github.com/seth586/guides/blob

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People are upset about "vaccine passports" when what they should be upset about is "passports" in general

Your "national identity" is a figment of some ancestor's imagination. Nothing more.

Get used to the idea of a world without nation states

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Ten years ago today, the price of reached $1.

Electrum can now download the Bitcoin whitepaper from the Bitcoin blockchain.

The focus of tonight's dispatch will be this chart.

Live broadcast in four hours @ 5PM EST / 2200 UTC via twitch, twitter, and youtube: citadeldispatch.com.

lead the way by writing code.

So as leaders we need to take the right decisions on what to spend time on building.

Hence social media discussions, upvote of important panel discussions and good howto sources are important work.

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ITALY: MASS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: As of tomorrow 50,000 restaurants will simultaneously open despite evening curfew restrictions. [

mildly political and somewhat snarky 

Moving to Mastadon.... again.
Freedom of speech test:

Will we have enough momentum this time on mastodon?

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