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Evaluating with Privacy, Security and Trust in mind. Need plans for Death, Theft, Loss, Malware, Coercion, Bitrot, Amnesia, Phishing, Brute Force.

More research. Brain wallets (don't do it), paper wallets (probably don't do it), hardware wallets (do it) and seeds. So much too learn, so many resources. Taking ownership. What a great time to be alive!

8% of my portfolio is now on $BTC. I buy from Coinbase but transfer to my own wallet immediately (not your keys, not your coins). Samurai is an amazing wallet but it's a hot one. Need something better as I am not spending or selling any BTC any time soon. HODLing for sure.

It works in the sense that the same amount of fiat gets me more $BTC every time. It hasn't worked in terms of return on investment as Blockfolio says I am 36% down. Never mind, I'm in it for the long run.

Good thing I am also a big fan of Benjamin Graham and traditional, value investing. I read the Intelligent Investor ( every other year. Dollar cost averaging it is. I allocate an additional 1% of my investment portfolio to $BTC every month and try to do it at local lows (around -10% below previous low).

Back to my $BTC, we are now certainly in a bear marker. Hooray! No more fomo for me. I am confident about Bitcoin's success. I was late to it but it seems to be taking a step back, slowing down to let me on board. I am not going to miss this opportunity.

Cryptoconomy (they read blog-posts/articles) is another one I subscribe to and listen to episodes depending on content. Tales From The Crypt is the latest one I have found. Different vibe to the rest, some interesting episodes for sure.

The What Bitcoin Did Podcast is one I discovered recently. Very different style to the others, British accent is refreshing, some of the guests I have listened to before but I am happy to hear Bitcoin devs (@lopp especially) and other great guests anywhere I can find them. I haven't listened to every episode though. Skipped Ver and Wright.

@NodedPodcast by @pierre_rochard and @bitstein is my favourite. Can't wait for a new episode to drop in. It goes into depth and has some great speakers.

I need more content to top up my learning so I'm trying podcasts and implementing podfasting managing to listen to them at 1.5x. Laura Shin's Unchained is the first one I come across. Some good episodes and most of them relevant to Bitcoin (not that many nowadays, but I still subscribe and listen). Unconfirmed as well.

I can't do alt-coins and Bitcoin.  At least I'm certain the latter one matters. There's so much going on on Bitcoin that I can't afford to be distracted. The time is around February/March. I consider myself a Bitcoin maximalist from now on. Let's accelerate.

While I do basic hygiene right (not going anywhere near BCash, Ripple or IOTA), the lure of other alt-coins is still big. I try to keep on top of some of them, I research them (or flag them for research a bit later), but there's so much going on. A few times that I went in depth it obviously was either a scam (BTCP anyone?) or an interesting project with an unnecessary token on top (0x). No, it's too much.

More Twitter. I now understand there are different types of crypto Twitter users. I start putting them into lists. I quickly manage to curate a list that has no traders, no companies and I good signal / noise ratio. I spend 2-3 hours a day (which is more than the free time I normally have, so cutting down on sleep) on Twitter and linked posts (mostly Medium). I really enjoy it. Learning, thinking, discovering.

There is an alt-coin (hadn't clocked it's a shit-coin one) party going on in terms of trading though and I decide to get exposed to it and diversify. Serious coins though. $LTC, $ZEC, and $ETH and $BTC from before. Around 2% of investment portolio is now on crypto-assets. I'm feeling secure and exposed to the positive potential now, I can go back to learning.

The Internet of Money ( is next, read it pretty much at the flight home after New Year's. By that point $BTC had started declining. I am not phased though. I can picture the future and I understand the fundamental importance of what Bitcoin is about.

I's time for New Year's holidays, I tend to alternate between fiction and non-fiction in my book reading and it's fiction time. I am a Neal Stephenson fan (duh!) and have (but not read) Cryptonomicon ( around. Great timing for the break. Now I get it even more.

Crypto Twitter, lots of notes and researching trading/investment platforms were next. I needed to have exposure to this. By this point, it was December and the prices were rocketing all over the place. A bit of FOMO kicked in. Opened a few accounts, started using GDAX, bought ETH first and a bit of BTC later.

I decided to go back to fundamentals. White papers. Satoshi's one first. And that was it. A revelation. I got it. That moment has stayed with me vividly (like those rare big moments in one's life tend to do). Never made it to the Ethereum one.

I Googled things, came across articles and ended up spending time reading some superficial stuff about Bitcoin and a lot of World Computer narratives for Ethereum. The latter seemed even more interesting than Bitcoin but confused me a lot.

It was November 2017 and I also happened to be reading "Capitalism and Freedom" ( at that time. Great timing as it enabled me to understand Bitcoin on a more fundamental level than the price craziness of that time.

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