@sundaywar I can't advise but I can tell you what I am doing. $ cost averaging by moving to BTC around 1% of my investment portfolio every month. I am now at around 8%.

@dden Yes, the more I dig into it the more I am thinking I should move to LND

So far in August, I have managed to setup / do:

✅ Bitcoin Node
✅ Bitcoin Transactions (In / Out)
✅ Lightning Node
✅ Lightning Transactions (In / Out)

Next step is to figure out how fees work in Lightning. C-lightning implementation not really helpful so far, I will keep digging or try LND.

Lightning incoming payment (from Yalls) achieved. The problem before was that I had no capacity to receive payment. One needs to either spend first or to have an incoming channel. Thanks @orionwl for providing the latter and also helping fix some setup issues.

@orionwl Yes, the other 3 I initiated a few days ago are active. The funding TX from you is stuck in the mempool as far as I can see. Hopefully it will get confirmed soon but there's no rush on my side.

It got traction quicker than I expected so I asked for the equivalent of a $1 as pay out. I had to learn to create an invoice. Easy apart for the mSatoshis part which increases mental calculations especially when the rest of the setup in c-lightning is in Satoshis. Got the invoice created and pasted it to Yalls but payment couldn't get through. Error message not helpful. I think it's probably because of either no incoming channels to my node or no route. I will keep trying.

Next step was to try and receive a ⚡ payment. Yalls to the rescue again. I wrote an article there ( mainnet.yalls.org/articles/97d ) and then waited to get some traction so I can ask for a pay out of the rewards.

After channels were in place, I decided to make my first ⚡ payments and went to Alex Bosworth's mainnet.yalls.org/ to read a couple of articles and pay for them. It was almost instant despite the fact that my node was not directly to Yalls and very lightly connected overall.

@cryptonomicon so, everything considered, the full descriptor for your node is:
023[email protected]pzfsmtyqfgjj3j5wyzqruaim3qqrlccbiju34qoek6l77ydmiiupmmyd.onion:9737

@orionwl Thanks, I can see the channel now. Sorry for the confusion. getinfo would have given me the correct address (using port 9737) but the console info I get (when I ssh to the pi) has port 9735 in the announce address for some reason.

@orionwl Looking at the setup I have, I think the address should actually be: pzfsmtyqfgjj3j5wyzqruaim3qqrlccbiju34qoek6l77ydmiiupmmyd.onion:9737

@orionwl I have now opened the firewall for 9737 and hopefully it works? Then I need to go back to reading more about how it actually works to understand it 😕

@orionwl Torrc has:

HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/ln-service-v3/
HiddenServiceVersion 3
HiddenServicePort 9737

@orionwl Actuallly, now that I am looking into it I don't think it should be 9050. 9735 is allowed on ufw and lightning config has these lines as I think is expected: proxy=

@orionwl It might have been ufw? I just allowed 9050, it wasn't before.

First steps with Lightning was to use 1ml.com/ to find some nodes to connect to and then I opened a couple of channels. No problems initially. One channel though disappeared (I think) and I experienced the brilliance of HTLC (?) as I got the BTC back on-chain after a day or something.

I hadn't realised Node id is also needed for the channel opening so here it is: 0232a7544f1f966fbaa3f486d1dd9fae73c572fe715f63e3bc9fe4c437d0a625de

@orionwl Thanks :) Honoured! Id is: 0232a7544f1f966fbaa3f486d1dd9fae73c572fe715f63e3bc9fe4c437d0a625de

For Lightning on Raspberry Pi, I have gone with c-lightning, following @meeDamian's post medium.com/@meeDamian/c-lightn . All up and running now, but I am light on incoming channels. Any connections welcome :) pzfsmtyqfgjj3j5wyzqruaim3qqrlccbiju34qoek6l77ydmiiupmmyd.onion:9735

Bitcoin node up and running and now on Tor as well. Next step is Lightning.

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