It got traction quicker than I expected so I asked for the equivalent of a $1 as pay out. I had to learn to create an invoice. Easy apart for the mSatoshis part which increases mental calculations especially when the rest of the setup in c-lightning is in Satoshis. Got the invoice created and pasted it to Yalls but payment couldn't get through. Error message not helpful. I think it's probably because of either no incoming channels to my node or no route. I will keep trying.

@cryptonomicon did any channels lock in yet?
at least the one from me is still in status:
CHANNELD_AWAITING_LOCKIN:Funding needs more confirmations.

@orionwl Yes, the other 3 I initiated a few days ago are active. The funding TX from you is stuck in the mempool as far as I can see. Hopefully it will get confirmed soon but there's no rush on my side.

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