Beginning of August, I have a Raspberry Pi lying around so I buy a 1TB external HDD and get started on setting up a Bitcoin node. Best advice was to sync on the laptop (took a couple of weeks) and then move the HDD to the Pi. I follow the tutorial from @meeDamian at

@cryptonomicon @meeDamian
Side loading is a must, or you'll wait about a week.

Limit your dbcache once synced. I use 50 (you can use considerably less.)

I like using a large mempool because I want to relay all valid transactions.

Just put the blocks directory on your external drive.

Give chainstate it's own dedicated USB.

Putting swap on a dedicated USB helps speed as well.

Just what I've learned.

I've got a one shot script to do it all, need to update it and comment it.

@duckartes wow do you have this on a github or something ? I'm writing a guide to recycle old computers into full node, and it sounds interesting

@Sosthene Nope, I haven't touched my github in a long time. Been busy with life and such.

Maybe I'll spend today tearing it down and rebooting it :)

@simonlutz @meeDamian Trying to decide between lnd and c-lightning. Any views?

@cryptonomicon syncing took a couple of weeks on your laptop? Is that an ancient model? On my 2015 laptop it took <1 day to sync bitcoind...

@eltopo It's an old Macbook Air, it was struggling. All good now, the Raspberry Pi is now running it and keeping up with things fine

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