Decided to go with hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S) and a seed phrase stored in USBs encrypted with Veracrypt and stored on different locations to the wallet. Still need to think and implement multi-sig as an additional layer. Probably need a new wallet for that. Paying close attention to @nvk's efforts with Coldcard wallet.

@cryptonomicon NOOOOO, points for HW wallet. But don’t store your seed on a computer, veracrypt or not. Defeats the purpose of a hardware wallet.

@nvk Oops, still things to learn. Would you suggest multiple hardware wallets then? I need redundancy and I thought encrypted seed on USB stored safely would be enough.

@cryptonomicon KISS :) One hardware wallet and physical backup. Get that learned. Then improve from there.

@nvk @cryptonomicon for the physical backup & redundancy, check out
almost everything proof

@cryptonomicon @nvk
Here's a great writeup on how to set up a multisig wallet using both Ledger Nano S + Trezor (for hardware redundancy) by @spudowiar

@sundaywar Great one, thanks. I hadn't come across that one despite searching for Ledger - multisig posts

@sundaywar @cryptonomicon don’t do that. You are exposing the same seed to two different devices, doubling the attack surface. (Too lazy to read the article)

@nvk @sundaywar @cryptonomicon Agreed, those HW wallets should be initialized with different seeds. Better suited for management by a company or family, not one person.

@dden @nvk @cryptonomicon
article calls for different seeds for each of the 3 HW wallets, and setting up a multi-sig Electrum wallet requiring 2 of 3 HW wallets present. Seems like a solid set up, specially if you store the HW wallets (& their backup phrases) in different geos. No?

@sundaywar @dden @nvk Yes, that would be my plan @dden. Different countries for 3 HWs. I also need to review my setup regarding seed phrase storage as @nvk advised strongly against encrypted USB. I am still not comfortable with plan text paper though. More research needed on my part.

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