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@FossGregfoss People just fundamentally don’t understand that fractional reserve banking is an absolute rolling Ponzi.

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When you deposit in a bank, you have "loaned" your money to the bank in return for deposit interest.

They take your loan and "re-loan" it and earn an interest spread...

Their risk absorbing equity capital is about 4-6% of the "re-loaned" amount.



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“When we inflate our money supply, it’s basically theft of attention.

Attention = time + energy

But it’s done in a way to avoid attention

That’s inflation”

- @breedlove22 great speech as always - had to watch it soon as I saw it uploaded


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This week's newsletter is live!

We are on spaces now to discuss!

Here is the link to check it for yourself. We hope you enjoy and find signal in a world full of noise!


Congratulations all Robots!!

@RoboSats, September has become the best month so far. 💪💪

Who said October? 🙋🏽‍♂️

Data by @AntonopulosL

A Decade Later, Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road Sentencing Demonstrates The Government’s Fear Of Bitcoin ift.tt/3fv0nbe

Kevin Rooke: How Zaprite Plans To Stay KYC Free Forever | E62

Link: youtube.com/watch?v=X7a2i3UIc_
Comments: stacker.news/items/76002

is like Hacker News but it pays you

Under two minutes... Learn how to verify digital signatures in Linux

Bitcoin Treasuries updated with charts and time series data

Link: bitcointreasuries.net/
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is like Hacker News but it pays you

Ask SN: Easiest solution to generate lightning invoices?

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is like Hacker News but it pays you

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