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We were banned from the 4th bank in 4 weeks today. It’s getting to the point where we are seriously considering buying our own bank. I’m not kidding. Funny how this started happening right when Biden got into office.



In this episode of The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado, hosts @AaronvanW and @provoost discussed hardware wallet integration into Bitcoin Core, one of the ongoing projects that Provoost regularly contributes to himself.


Re the management fee + custodial risk will result in a discount in perpetuity compared to actual bitcoin, the premium we saw in the past was an anomaly because uneducated investors lacked other easy to access options

not your keys, not your coins! twitter.com/matt_odell/status/ #Crypto #Bitcoin

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Today, @CipherInc announced that it plans to go public via a merger with Good Work Acquisition Corp. Cipher Mining was recently formed as a subsidiary of Dutch Bitcoin mining company @BitfuryGroup.

@BtcCasey covers the details:


Fantastic thread from December by Ben about multisig backups.

Thanks @BitcoinQ_A for reminding me about it 🙌
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I've received many questions from people considering to set up a multisig wallet but confused about the backup process, what should be backed up, and why.

🧵So here's a thread on backing up multisig wallets - what, why, and how.

In this JPM & Bloomberg issue upbeat $BTC notes,Goldman reboots BTC desk,GBTC prints record discount as Canada's ETF sector sees big inflows,CBOE & VanEck apply for 3rd ETF application…can BTC break correlation with equities?


-ed funds are more valuable because they don't carry the burden of your financial history.

When you spend, swap or sell don't need to worry about what the buyer does either exactly because the transactions can't* be tied back to you just by looking at the chain.

Bitcoin is noise canceling headphones.
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Bitcoin is the only technology that allows you to convert Janet Mnuchin, Christine Powell, Jay Lagarde, Mario Yellen, and Steve Draghi into noises inconsequential to your life.

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Coinbase -12,000 over the last 24 hrs

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MicroStrategy has purchased an additional ~205 bitcoins for ~$10.0 million in cash at an average price of ~$48,888 per . As of 3/5/2021, we ~91,064 bitcoins acquired for ~$2.196 billion at an average price of ~$24,119 per bitcoin. $MSTR


Bitcoin And The Separation of Money And State.

"Whoever controls the money supply controls the world. The words “In God We Trust,” printed on every dollar bill in existence, gives a clue to how fooled we’ve been."

Written by @knutsvanholm.


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is now your unit of account, whether you like it or not.

Governments can't regulate bitcoin.

Bitcoin will regulate governments.

is your go-to wallet for onboarding new users. Carefully designed to be simple to use, AQUA makes sending and receiving or any @Liquid_BTC asset easy. Available now for iOS. 💎🌊 aquawallet.io

utilizes 's scripting capabilities to provide both secure multisig transactions and trust-minimized recoverability of users' and @Liquid_BTC assets. Available now on Desktop, iOS, and Android. 🛡️🌊🔐blockstream.com/green

The was purpose-built to serve the needs of traders and exchanges. With @Liquid_BTC, it's possible to quickly transfer + between exchanges, or off-exchange for safe keeping, while keeping your data safe from 3rd-party observers. 🌊blockstream.com/liquid

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Looks like casual rug pull.

PAID deployer made an attacker the owner of PAID admin contract.

This attacker deployed a new implementation contract for PAID token and minted almost 60M tokens.


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