Using Wasabi wallet, I generated a wallet, sent btc to it, transactions are confirmed. I then tested out the wallet recovery and the history does not load anything. Should my UTXOs show up when I load a recovered wallet? Or does this mean I fudged the recovery words. For the record I can still open the original wallet, just upon recovery it shows nothing. @402PaymentRequired

I wrote a script that converts 256 bits of user provided entropy into a BIP39 mnemonic. Roll some dice or flip some coins then use my script here:

I will do a thorough write up on this in the near future.

@402PaymentRequired @art_vandelay @btcFUD @Sosthene I generated 256 bits, ran it into sha265, converted the hash back to binary, appended the first 8 bits of hash onto the tail of my 256 bits (now a total of 264 bits). Then I put these bits into the "Entropy" field in the tool and I cannot figure out how it generated the word list. Splitting my 264 bits into 24 11-bit chunks then converting these binary chunks into decimal and matching the number with the word list doesn't yield the same words

Anyone manually generated a bech32 bip39 wallet? Trying to follow what is layed out in the BIP39 page, not having success when comparing with this tool:

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@htimsxela @liberliver @402PaymentRequired @Sosthene @TallTim @btcFUD

Does anyone out here know of a guide on making and using HD wallets? Seriously cannot find anything out there.

@402PaymentRequired you know anything about setting up lightning or know anyone who does?

@pierre_rochard I believe I am having trouble setting up node-launcher. I already have bitcoin core 0.17.1 setup successfully. As a linux user I ran the instructions under the "Development" section in the repo's README. When running I am seeing this output every 5 seconds:

[info ] auto_unlock_wallet_get_password keyring_service_name=lnd_mainnet_wallet_password keyring_user_name=default_user

Is this problematic or am I syncing?

Currently syncing a full node for my first time.

Centos 7
2TB hdd
8gb ram
Old ass laptop

Approximate sync time: 17 hours

2 weeks ago I gave my first talk on and distributed ledger technologies with a coworker. More or less a 101 level talk. I present for the first 35 minutes. Links to download the slides are in the video description.

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@htimsxela @TallTim @Shekelcoin @402PaymentRequired @btcFUD @Sosthene

Realizing I need to add a slide for PoW vs PoS vs PoXYZ as well as one for security vs efficiency

@htimsxela @TallTim @Shekelcoin @402PaymentRequired @btcFUD @Sosthene

Here are my slides. Have not yet presented. Any last minute changes I should make? To a certain extend I felt the need to use BTC as my examples. Time allotted to present is 30 minutes.

@TallTim @btcFUD @402PaymentRequired
I think to understand which use cases Bitcoin fills, you need to have a minimum understanding of how the whole system works. Need to understand what keeps the network decentralized, how forks (hard/soft) work, why block size matters (would help with BTC vs BCH), how consensus is reached,and to understand that you need to know somewhat about how blocks work and how miners create/distribute them.

I should add that assume the audience knows close to nothing about any of this, this is to be a DLT 101 talk more or less

Is it money? Digital gold? Not backed by anything so worthless?
Lightning network and layer 2 technologies (smart contracts)
Efficiency vs security tradeoff
Shitcoins vs bitcoin
How do you tax it? Does it threaten gov powers?
Wallets, nodes, mining, sharding, SPV
Forks (hard and soft)
Use introduction as a car to preface all of this


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