Great episode of @stephanlivera podcast with @beautyon !

A needed perspective on remembering to keep a laser focus on Bitcoin's use case.

The more we talk about the Ideology and politics around it, the more adversaries and attack vectors we create.

Bitcoin is code. It is a public database which solved the issue of digital scarcity.
It is a tool that serves its users and no other master.

Legal precedent states code is speech and speech is protected. Let's not forget.

@crypt_chameleon @stephanlivera @beautyon plus samourai wallet plus the high adoption rate of mobile devices worldwide enables an instant participation in /using sound money.

Frictionless. Seamless. Borderless.

No single jurisdiction is able to enforce regulations other nations have to swallow blindly.

Great podcast episode...

@crypt_chameleon @stephanlivera @beautyon I'll listen when @beautyon starts posting on again. Otherwise, I'm just supporting people sitting on birdsite, which I dislike.

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