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CSW is not Satoshi

Twitter is done. Gradually then suddenly.

Bitcoin Maximalism is the way the shitcoin shillers calls the right way to look on Bitcoin and 'crypto'.

Preview of an upcoming video on everyone's favorite topic: Scaling!

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@btc That's the problem, my friend. We do know, but many people here don't and they get scammed by those f*ckers and then lose confidence on Bitcoin, and this path to survive hyperinflation... People do preffer marketing.

Bro, here's people being cheated even by OneCoin!!!

In Venezuela we have this $DASH fever & I personally know people that uses $DOGE, $ETH, $LTC, even Bcash .Many people 'knows' about and crypto, but there's a very long way to become a cryptonation.

Also we have A LOT of scammers trying to profit from people's suffering.

If you know how to survive, is the best country to be alive today.

We have all the stuff:

Hyperinflation, dystopia, socialism, drugs, poverty, hunger, pseudocryptocurrency, lofi cypherpunk, killer drones, . We're learning.

Remember, here we can choose besides and ... Make a wise choice.

Obviouslly Bitcoins is the key

Hal Finney was a very good man, the one who tested Bitcoin and help to develop it in.

He was the very first person testing it, side by side with Satoshi, andto mention Bitcoin on Twitter.

Hal Finey is a Mastodon.

Uh guys, did anyone read @nvk's terms for this instance before blindly jumping in?

I just published a "Bitcoiner's Guide to Ditching Twitter for Mastodon" video: youtu.be/P7T_LMWKx18

My first toot to say Bitcoin is the only real sound money, amigos!

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