In Venezuela we have this $DASH fever & I personally know people that uses $DOGE, $ETH, $LTC, even Bcash .Many people 'knows' about and crypto, but there's a very long way to become a cryptonation.

Also we have A LOT of scammers trying to profit from people's suffering.

@criptobastardo there are a lot of shills in bcash / dash / etc who are trying to insert themselves into the convo down there. It may work in the short-term but we all know what happens to shitcoins on a long enough timeline..

@btc That's the problem, my friend. We do know, but many people here don't and they get scammed by those f*ckers and then lose confidence on Bitcoin, and this path to survive hyperinflation... People do preffer marketing.

Bro, here's people being cheated even by OneCoin!!!

@criptobastardo jesus christ, lol. I guess even some of these shitcoins are better options than the bolivar, but still..

Glad you and other bitcoiners are doing what you're doing down there.

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