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I have too much belly fat. I'm asking each of my followers to do 45 crunches today for my health. Do your part. This is just until we flatten the abs.

Hackers hebben het Braziliaanse ministerie van Volksgezondheid platgelegd, waardoor alle vaccinatiegegevens zijn gewist en digitale vaccinatiepaspoorten niet meer toegankelijk zijn.


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What is the and its role in the El Salvador Bitcoin Bond issuance? @excellion answers:

Full interview on 🇸🇻 TV: youtube.com/watch?v=KjdtXvOn2c

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"All your fiat is going to zero." - 22 Speaker Adam Back

Pfizer first batch of documents...
Proofing Pfizer "vaccine" is a true murder weapon.

True solace is finding none.
Which is to say, it's everywhere...
Solace can't be found, I looked everywhere...
No it must be discovered.
I traveled many years. Heart still empty. Take a shower to wash it away like dirt, but you can't wash lonely off. So, I surrender to it. Best I can do is keep travelling and sleep through the lonely.

As a Nomad I have moved a lot of times and it looks, I would move again. Was it the land running under my feet or my feet running over the land? ~ Gretel Ehrlich

Now this is a joke:
JUST IN - Facebook employees reportedly can't enter buildings to evaluate the Internet outage because their door access badges don't work anymore (NYT)

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Forgot to mention, jump in the Blockstream Satellite channel for support getting your Bitcoin Satellite node up & running.


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