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✝️ Christ is liberty
:bitcoin: bitcoin is liberty
Thickening middle in the Venn diagram

You take the king's coin, you become the king's man.

To be truly free, take the coin without a king, or a committee or a foundation.

is freedom.

1. Fiat money is all debt
2. Debt brings consumption forward and enslaves us until it's paid back.
3. Everyone is up to their eyeballs in debt at every level: governments, corporations, individuals.
4. We're all slaves until we opt out of fiat money.

is freedom

Bitcoiners don’t bomb Bitcoiners.

World peace.

When we conceive of the price of in USD terms, we are perceiving the greatest instrumental truth ever attained by mankind in terms of the greatest lie ever told.

As human productivity increases with innovation and capital accumulation, the purchasing power of the unit of account should increase. Bitcoin allows this. Fiat imposed inflation is a logical contradiction designed to undermine this benefit of natural human productivity increase.

the embassy is a terrific device -- i'm in love with it. everyone should get one of these

The SEC should be suspended for misleading investors and harming them.

Voting in elections is false freedom. You cannot vote against the system.

Bitcoin is a vote against the system.

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In percentage terms, Bitcoin growing from $57K to $1M is the same as going from $3,249 to $57K.

set a fresh new ATH today! 🥳

We're getting close to some interesting price levels:
- $50,000 is a new psychological barrier 📈
- At $53,691 has a $1T market cap 👀
- $55,000 was the first S2F model version price 🔴

Not your keys,
not your coins.

Not your silicon,
not your software.

Not your disk,
not your data.

Not your platform,
not your posts.

Sovereign self-hosted computing is the next stage of the bitcoin revolution.


A statist quagmire is the psychological trap of the constitution.

We are ineluctably approaching a time when we will need to defend liberty based simply on truth and justice, parchment barriers having failed.

The "conservative" Supreme court justices cannot be relied upon to stand on principles or defend liberty. The "liberal" ones are full-fledged technocrat worshippers:

TLDR: State rules that it has the authority to ban singing, limit indoor gatherings for worship.

"Enough already, time to end the war on terrorism" new book by Scott Horton is being made into short video series. Here are first two chapters

Do you hate Fiat? Do you hate the state? War is the health of the state and the reason Fiat won't go down without a fight.

Spread the word: the more people that hate war, the better for bitcoin.

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In light of the recent GameStop stock drama, this must be shared over and over again.

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