Just joined :bitcoin: ?

I prepared a list of Who To Follow, with instructions how to import the list into your Mastodon account.

@cointastical misses many still. Would be good to have it updated time to time as possible. Cheers :bitcoin:

Updated the list, and added you.

It wasn't meant to be a comprehensive list of all Bitcoiner accts on Mastodon -- just something to help those migrating from Twitter.

List was started in January after the last mass migration from Twitter. At the time there was a crowdsourcing tool (called, to let people upvote / downvote any list item.
That way if a person wanted just the top 50 Bitcoin Mastodon accts, that was easily obtained by deleting rows after #50, then import.

@cointastical I get that. Didn’t mean only me etc. I was just thinking of some comprehensive way to add many Bitcoiners who are joining now or so. Or will join in the future. Thanks a lot for your effort and work indeed, what you’ve done. :bitcoin:

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