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“The story at 5, African American crowd probably won’t play”

- FOX 26 Producer

This is why people like me, @bigmarh , @RobertsNajah and @hillharper focus on Black America

RT this post if you are Black and HODL :bitcoin:, these people don’t think we are out here 😎


Ivory Hecker Says Fox Station Censored Bitcoin, Hydroxychloroquine Stories:

The Shores of Sovereignty
Latest B-T-Sea Shanty by BTCMinstrel


"The journey of bitcoin is a treacherous one, filled with dangers overcome and yet to come."

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⚓ B-T-Sea Shanty #6 ⚓

The Shores Of Sovereignty

Hold fast! For the voyage of bitcoin is a treacherous one, filled with dangers overcome and yet to come.



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has locked-in for for both and @bitcoincoreorg's alternate ST/BIP9 deployment.

That's the easy part. But more importantly now, is that users upgrade to enforce Taproot by November.

Currently, we have just 23% of nodes enforcing.


Bitcoin Node Taproot Support

On , follow @lukedashjr


Silvergate Bank cuts ties with Binance, disabling USD deposits and withdrawals


"Binance will no longer support USD deposits and withdrawals via Silvergate Bank over SWIFT from June 11."

"It is unclear why Silvergate Bank ended the partnership with Binance and whether it also affects Binance.US."


El Salvador 'Legal Tender' Move Unlikely to Change US Tax on Bitcoin: Former IRS Counsel


"If :bitcoin: were to become a foreign for US purposes, any or will have an 'ordinary' tax character under a different part of section 988 of the tax code."

"So for most Bitcoin traders and investors, the current status of capital gains tax is more preferable [...]"

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Establishment panic is at 1000% when you have the PUBLICLY HELD Banking subcommittee suggesting international collaboration to ban Bitcoin currency conversion

Imagine what they’re saying and plotting behind closed doors.


Kraken to halt some U.S. margin trading in light of regulatory guidance


" clients based in the U.S. [who do not qualify] will no longer be able to access trading."

"Any open positions will expire 28 days from the day they were opened."

"Clients outside the U.S. will not be affected."

Kraken blog post:


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A fool and his money are soon over leveraged.


Borrow cash using Bitcoin as collateral

"Pay just 7.9% APR2 with no credit check."

"In the past, you might have sold Bitcoin to cover it and incurred a taxable gain or loss. Now you don't have to."


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Europe, we've landed 🚀 ⚡



Get the BottlePay app:

- btl.to/ios
- btl.to/android

"Bottlepay is available to download in the UK and across Europe."

"As a regulated financial services company, we have to verify your identity."

"We only support Bitcoin."

Bottlepay App 101:

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Ross has been put in the SHU (aka "the hole") after a recorded interview he did over the phone with @bitcoinmagazine was broadcasted at @TheBitcoinConf this weekend.

Please keep Ross in your thoughts & prayers.

You can hear Ross speak here:

#Reddit is down, so why not take a look at its Fediverse alternative @LemmyDev :lemmy:


The flagship instance is at lemmy.ml


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Reminder that Bitcoin is not for the states, countries or for institutions. It is for people. As a reversal of the Cantillon Effect it will destroy these institutions from within. Defectors will leave with assets and these institutions will splinter into a thousand pieces.


Going for gold: Russia to eliminate US dollar from sovereign wealth fund THIS MONTH amid warning of politics sabotaging currency


“[Countries are now being] forced to take measures against the risk of economic losses and disrupted transactions. Therefore, there is increasing interest in developing alternative mechanisms. Using other in trade is becoming more and more important on the agenda.”


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