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If you can afford a Big Mac, you can stack sats.

You don't need to buy one full :bitcoin: to start investing.

If you work for the minimum wage in Brazil it will take you:

- 151 minutes of work to afford a Big Mac.
- 171 minutes of work to afford 10,000 sats.


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Cardano's philosophy, and especially its auto-update feature, is centralized and destroys trust minimization. Trust minimization is the most important feature that gives a blockchain value. Cardano people do not understand it and fundamentally violate it.



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Texts you'll receive from your friends after they've purchased their first $67 in :bitcoin:
1. Shit the price is dropping
2. Should I be worried?
3. I knew this would happen
4. Why aren't you responding?
5. Fuck
6. I should've waited to buy
7. Fuckkkkkk
8. I'm done, sold it all


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Larry Elder: Interview with Economist @MarkSkousen1 --Bitcoin vs. Gold, Should You Buy?



The Larry Elder Show - Bitcoin vs. Gold, Should You Buy?:

"Larry asks economist and financial advisor, Mark Skousen, about Bitcoin"

"Bitcoin has replaced gold as the inflation hedge.
-- Mark Skousen"


Crooks use the bitcoin blockchain to protect their botnets from takedown


"A botnet that researchers have been following for about two years began using a new way to prevent command-and-control server takedowns: by camouflaging one of its IP addresses in the bitcoin blockchain."


A Guide to Saving on Bitcoin’s High Transaction Fees
by @alyssa


"If you’re not sure if you are setting the fee high enough (but don’t want to overpay), and if your wallet offers this option, make your fee 'replaceable' by selecting 'Replace-By-Fee (RBF).' This will allow you to bump up the amount of the bitcoin fee [later, if necessary]."

Wallets that support replace-by-fee (RBF) fee bumping:


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Perhaps this is the one fact about Bitcoin that will bring democrats to The Table. With everyone in bitcoin, no matter who is president, the people have ultimate control of the public purse. Don't like war or walls? Don't pay for them. Simple really!


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Just so we're clear, :bitcoin: didn't fund that airstrike.



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20 years from now, there will be 5000+ micro countries/corporations in the world that compete for the best citizens/customers based on how effectively they enforce physical safety and property rights.

They will provide no other services.


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If you are a female founder looking for any fundraising guidance or considering an idea - I’m doing a mini “office hours” experiment.

Nothing is off the table - I’d love to help with your pitch, questions, honestly anything. Here’s the link to sign up:


Kinjal Shah - Female Founder Office Hours


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Samourai Dojo version 1.9.0 has just been released. Thank you to all the contributors who helped make this release possible.

- UX Improvements to Dojo Maintenance Tool
- Delete XPUBs tracked by your Dojo
- Improvements to authentication system

and more!


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LOL. RegEx filter in Lemmy that is used to remove slurs from any posts and comments.




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