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Just joined :bitcoin: ?

I prepared a list of Who To Follow, with instructions how to import the list into your Mastodon account.

@RepTomEmmer introduced a bill prohibiting the Fed from issuing a central bank digital currency directly to individuals

Thread by @RepTomEmmer on Thread Reader App

"We must prioritize technology with characteristics, rather than mimic ’s digital out of fear."

The Bitcoin Times - Edition 4

"A new set of incredible long form essays, including a partial fiction from @stonge and a beautiful story by @TomerStrolight."

"Also includes two of the most minblowing works of big-brained Bitcoin art by @Svetski & ."

" and @cw deliver their own philosophical treatises on the separation of money state, and the question of or no Bitcoin."

How Your Nonprofit Can Accept Gifts Of Cryptocurrency

"If they sold their :bitcoin:, they would owe on the difference between the market value and their purchase price. By giving it to your , a can support your cause and avoid the capital tax."

" and Charitable process large bitcoin for free."

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Many great methods for a nonprofit to accept bitcoin [...]

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With Cash App, you can now send as little as $1 in stock or bitcoin. It’s as easy as sending cash, and you don't need to own stock or bitcoin to gift it. So this holiday season, forget the scented candles or novelty beach towel, and help your cousin start investing.

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Introducing !🤩
Completely OFFLINE :bitcoin: LN Vending Machine.
Video tut coming soon! Will be accompanying me to @advbitcoin and @TheBitcoinConf 💪

Check out the repo, and build your own!
(same method could be applied to most machines)

$565,135,000,000: Federal Tax Collections Set Record Through November

"Fiscal 2021 maintains its record for the most money spent by the in the first two months of a fiscal year."

"While collecting its record $565,135,000,000 in total in the first two months of this fiscal year, the federal government spent $921,526,000,000—resulting in a of $356,390,000,000 in the first two months of the fiscal year."

:bitcoin: 🇺🇸

:bitcoin: creates its own reality

Thread by @tip_nz on Thread Reader App

"Fix the money
Fix the world
Time is Freedom and we own ours"

"Hard money real costs changes paradigms"

"One source of truth
An independent response
One set of rules
A new reality dawns
Welcome the newfound renaissance"

How Bitcoin Creates Our New Reality

🧵 on how creates our new reality

Thread by @tip_nz on Thread Reader App

"Timestamping gives something digital a permanent place in history."

"By creating money from time, :bitcoin: fundamentally changes human incentives and the future of humanity"

Watch Cops Seize Combat Vet's Life Savings [RARE FOOTAGE]

"Even innocent people aren’t safe from civil forfeiture."

Nevada cops and DEA seize life savings of innocent Marine…

"[If victims don't or can't provide a defense against the ] the walks away with their , without ever having to prove any crime."

Nevada Civil Forfeiture

Just joined :bitcoin: ?

I prepared a list of Who To Follow, with instructions how to import the list into your Mastodon account.

One of the "Thread reader" type of apps for Tweets (e.g., @ThreadReaderApp, @readwiseio, @PingThread, Twitter's @Threader, etc.) should expand into supporting posts on as well.

Even with a 500 character per-post limit here, threads (such as @waxwing's thread: ) are not uncommon.

This lets Mastodon content be easily shared outside the fediverse (e.g., in a single post on Twitter).

And FYI, there are tools more suitable, such as @blog, for blog posts and such.

LN Markets Newslettter: #34 - Adopting Bitcoin in El Salvador 🌋

"While non-custodial wallets are more in line with :bitcoin: ethos, can ease compliance, and could ultimately enable end users to earn fees routing payment. Participants seemed to agree that the economics of will be key for the future of the network. Or as Roy puts it: 'All success of the Lightning Network depends on management'.”


The Bitcoin Bond: El Salvador Makes History

"Assuming that El Salvador’s :bitcoin: operation is profitable, it could provide further assurance that the country will make all of its coupon payments and repay the bond when it matures."

"The most exciting aspect of the bond is that it proves there’s a way for countries to get funding without having to grovel to the or the World Bank."


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