How we know that Bitcoin is a force for good

"They’ve simply conflated all forms of digital money and view :bitcoin: as typical or a test-run of them."

"This misconception arises simply from not knowing or understanding the differentiators between a crypto like and a Central Bank Digital Currency (), like a coming ''."

Twitter partners with Strike to enable bitcoin tips

"Twitter is set to enable tipping in bitcoin through the crypto wallet app Strike. Jack Mallers, Strike founder and CEO, joins 'Power Lunch' to discuss the new partnership and what it means for crypto."

Full interview:


Nice directory showing exchanges that accept bitcoin on Lightning network⚡️
via @bitcoinLNS

Lightning Network Stores - Exchange

On The “Giveaway scam” Scourge

"Likely an approach that would work is to make it so that the economics are not in the scammer’s favor — reduce their income and both increase the amount of effort required and boost their expenses. If the cost (and effort) to run a giveaway scam endeavor does not pay off with profit then that activity will stop."


The website has returned to being available.

There has been no "all clear" Tweet from @CobraBitcoin and they do not yet appear to have figured out the actual exploit that occurred.

So proceed with caution if using the site, for now.

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Nope, nothing. None of my accounts seem compromised. Server is fine too (it wasn't even getting traffic during the hack).

The attackers just seem to have exploited some flaw in the DNS.


IMF report suggests credit scores could soon be based on web browsing history

"Also known as ' invisibles,' these are mostly low-income and , and having access to their personal habits and behavior as exhibited on the internet is supposed to help and other lenders 'profile' them precisely enough to determine if they should be given a ."

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NameCheap did the right thing by placing a clientHold on the bitcoin[.]org domain.

This will prevent someone from even seeing the website, unless they have the name resolution cached (e.g., if they have recently visited the site).
Cloudflare should still add "Suspected Phishing".

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Hello, Thank you for reporting this matter. We have temporarily disabled the domain.


A Central Bank Digital Currency () will make an excellent on-ramp (into :bitcoin:) and off-ramp (from bitcoin), assuming it can be transferred from one user to the next (i.e., ) -- like how you can send to most anyone using Cash App or PayPal.

P2P trading platforms like and @Bisq will like.

The U.S. Is Losing the Global Race to Decide the Future of Money—and It Could Doom the Almighty Dollar


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1/N We're sorry to inform the community that an attacker was able to leverage a bug in our codebase and attack pBTC on BSC, stealing 277 BTC (most of its collateral).

Thread by @chrismartenson on Thread Reader App

"The Fourth Turning is marked by the loss of trust in major institutions. The US government is proving to be utterly unbelievable at every turn. Today's Big Lie is that the US government wants you to believe that is only up by 5.3% yr/yr."

"These 'nudging lies' are meant to keep you confused and ill-informed and in check."


Gates Foundation Invests Millions In Chinese State-Run Firms.

"The largest holding in the fund is the state-owned commercial bank Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, which counts high-level Chinese Communist Party apparatchiks as its current and former executives."

:bitcoin: :cn

LOL. RegEx filter in Lemmy that is used to remove slurs from any posts and comments.



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Thread by @Bitrefill's @MattAhlborg

"Emerging markets, not the US or Europe, have been leading the way in adoption."

"A quarter of our lightning are $2 or less, usually by someone quickly purchasing minutes or data for their phone."

"The increase of small, frequent lightning payments in high growth markets suggests that lighting's mindshare is increasing in the places where payment utility matters most."


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