hey guys, I am running coinmonks forum from las 9 months, I want you guys to take over the forum and use it for conversations fully.

for now nothing good there but I want to make it all around crypto forum.

if you can suggestions to make it better, please share

@coinmonks Hey nice looking site. Lots of existing forums unfortunately, being the largest. And these days Twitter and Mastodon are taking bigger chunks out of that medium. Hard to give you recommendations other than to cross-post and create lots of quality content on it!

@coinmonks don't make it all around crypto, make it bitcoin focused

@Shekelcoin @thewumbles I can create a specific bitcoin category..will it work?

so lets assume, if we want to make it bitcoin focused than how to do this transition?

Any ideas on content type?

How to get initial bitcoin users and make the conversation going?

@coinmonks @thewumbles The forum idea/setup looks great, it's just a waste to squander it discussing shitcoins. Make all the categories there about bitcoin. Have like a lightning board, a privacy board, businesses, marketplace, news, you know all the stuff you have now for shitcoins, but for purely focused on bitcoin discussion. Ban people talking about shitcoins. Just my 2 satoshis, it's your site, do what you want.

@coinmonks @thewumbles Every other forum is shitcoin centric, there is no pure bitcoin forum, mastodon bitcoin hackers is the closest thing

@Shekelcoin @thewumbles

So lets assume if i want to make it bitcoin focus then how to transit it from it current form,,as it's already have so many post

@coinmonks @thewumbles I don't know that's tough because if you already have a niche/userbase you may just want to start a sister site, let that one be for all coins and do a btc specific may not want to fiddle with it too much if you're already generating income from it.

@Shekelcoin @thewumbles

0 income 😂

only expense.

300 users only...and very few (less than 10) visits it everyday

@coinmonks @thewumbles In that case, it gives you the freedom to start over without completely destroying your traffic flow. Incorporate lightning payments between users, reboot as a bitcoin board, w/o censorship. throw a section for devs, a discussion forum, jobs board, etc

@Shekelcoin @thewumbles

The thing is my whole time goes in Coinmonks publication
( will you help me to manage it. I will give you all the access?

@coinmonks @thewumbles I would love to, but i have two jobs and a 1 year old. No free time at the moment. I understand where you're coming from though, 😂

@Shekelcoin @thewumbles

Let me think about it..

If I decided to reboot it.. I'll let you know to get more thoughts on it

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