@kelbie has created a github to help fight against Mastodon imposters.

This is a pretty solid use case for a proof for Mastodon as well.

@MrHodl @cody @nvk @giacomozucco

Getting around to adding all of you, its a very tedious process 😅

@wiz @cody Adding to my gist now 👍

Is there a way to allow PR's?

@kelbie @cody I think you can only send PRs to a repo, not a gist

@wiz @cody
Thats what I thought, I didn't think that through 😂

@kelbie @cody you can make a repo and update the gist with the URL of the repo

@wiz @cody Thats something I'll have to look into. I added you to the gist now 😀

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