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Aaaaaahhhhhhh.... The toxicity in the pleb community is nothing like it. Switched to access my other account on Twitter and couldn't stand how people sugarcoat everything. Better hit me with the truth than massage me with the lie. F*cking plebs rule!

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🥁 Ladies and Gentleman, here comes the unofficial

"Have Fun Staying Poor" Music Video 🔊🎵

Featuring the one and only @michael_saylor 🔥

cc @udiWertheimer

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How to setup mastodon on your own domain; Muppet Edition 

1) Get domain
- Pay in bitcoin:

2) Get VPS
- Pay in bitcoin:

3) Install Yunohost

4) Configure DNS records on your domain

5) Post install from Yunohost GUI
- Add domain and auto-generate LetsEncrypt SSL cert

6) Install Mastodon from Yunohost GUI
- repo reference:

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Your entire opinion of the Mastodon experience will change once you start using the advanced web interface. I feel like I'm in a command center firing off shitposts.

Try it out - check the box for "Enable advanced web interface" under the Appearance section in Preferences.

Has too much freedom, sugar, and leisure made us a bunch of degenerates?

Can't help but think of Jordan Peterson and his rants of cleaning the room and needing more discipline in life.

With America burning before us and with all the censorship, hate speech, and outright blatant lies, where are we heading towards?

Are we experiencing weak men creating hard times?

I haven't watched TV for years, have been out of touch with mainstream media, pop music, and movies.

What I see now amuses me.

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It's great to see people choosing the free and open source software! Here are my top picks.

Router: pfsense
Operating system: Pop!_OS
Browser: ungoogled-chromium
Recording: OBS
Video editing: Kdenlive
Messaging: Ferdi
IRC: Weechat
Password manager: Bitwarden_rs
2FA Authenticator: Aegis
Social media: Pleroma
Calendar & Contacts: Nextcloud
Sync to mobile: Davx5
VPN routing: Zerotier
VPN recommendation: Mullvad
Money: Bitcoin
Payment processor: BTCPayServer
Torrents: Transmission
Movies: Radarr
TV: Sonarr
Trackers: Jackett
Media centre: Jellyfin
Media player: VLC
Homepage: Homer

It's pretty sick to know that we've all switched from Twitter to Mastadon. It already feels like home. A few days here, more posts, shitcoin dunking, gold slamming, and we'll all be having a good time.


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