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So bullish on the Bitcoin community.

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This Week I deep dive into one of my many on-chain analysis workflows

This is all about studying the drivers and behaviours of specific market participants and identifying how their sentiment prints on-chain

Very hard to find a bear case.
Miners, Hodlers and Speculators = Bulls

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In Shareholder Letter, @Seetee_io Founder Makes Bull Case For Bitcoin.

"The company will focus on investing in Bitcoin-focused projects and will hold all liquid assets in bitcoin."

Written by @btcization.

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On-Chain Update: Bullish Indicators Despite Price Dips.

"There has been a massive increase in illiquid supply. This indicates HODLers have been adding to their positions despite the recent sell-off."

Written by @WClementeIII.

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"Emerging Markets Are the Key to Growing Bitcoin." Latest from

@ansellindner @ck_SNARKs @PhilipeCardinal @WittyUsername30 @LastCoinStandng @DefundTheState_

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Today, we announced the launch of Seetee!
We are a new company in the Aker group, and will invest in ex­cit­ing projects and com­pa­nies through­out the ecosys­tem.
Bitcoin is our treasury asset. Our first purchase was 1,170 BTC and our strategy is to hodl.

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Some of my favorite shots from a winter well spent in Miami. Can't wait to make it back down here for @TheBitcoinConf this summer🌞

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Imagine you and all your Bitcoin friends in one place, having fun and creating life long memories. That's @TheBitcoinConf in Miami!

Buy your ticket today by using code SATOSHI for 10% off general admission tickets:

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Bitcoin Corporate Balance Sheet Watch Monthly Update: February

"What started out as a slow trickle of institutional investment pouring into the bitcoin market is developing into a steady stream that will, in time, turn into an all out flood"


Bitcoin is a revolution is pricing, communication, and thinking.

Everyone will use Bitcoin all the time.

It will be impossible not to.

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Just me or do Bitcoin detractor arguments all contradict each other? It's like they're all tripping over themselves.

- China controls bitcoin vs China going to ban it
- Bitcoin is beanie babies/tulips vs it will destroy society
- Bitcoin is for nefarious txns vs no utility

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So happy about this 2 weeks bear market, gave me so much time to focus on work! Y’all get Bitcoin Core setup right from Specter 👻 next version!

Checkout this demo, zero to Specter with synced pruned Core in 5 minutes 👀👇

Nothing is more bullish to me than Bitcoin Zoomers.

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The March BitBlockBarbeque will be our first event of the year in . I can’t wait to meet with so many great

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Valuing Companies Post-Hyperbitcoinization.

"It is likely that the value of bitcoin will rise so high that large HODLers will have so much wealth to fund all sorts of interesting ventures"

Written by @MimesisCapital.

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Follow @vake @piratebeachbum @PsychedelicBart. These are top follows that I look up to in the space.

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