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So bullish on the Bitcoin community.

Historians will look back at this time and call it Hyperbitcoinization.

Is this 🤡🌎?
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🌱Vegans will be exempt from compulsory Covid-19 vaccines in the workplace.

🔒It comes after a tribunal last year ruled ethical veganism to be a protected belief

Thread 👇

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“As long as SegWit was seen as a valuable or at least harmless upgrade, the ecosystem would have strong incentives to upgrade along with this intolerant minority, while miners would risk their income if they didn’t”

Today is the 4th anniversary of the activation of Segwit and the decisive victory of users over business interests.

Happy Bitcoin Independence Day!

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Police are using water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators in France who have returned to the streets for a third weekend to protest against health pass checks at all shops, restaurants, and transportation.

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% of Global Wealth

🔸 $418 trillion global wealth
🔸 only 0.21%
🔸 1% of GW = $200k per coin

Will be tracked on 👇 | Supported By: @MimesisCapital

* Global Wealth from Credit Suisse (2020)

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"Regardless of your political beliefs, Bitcoin represents an opportunity to liberate people from authoritarian suppression." - @Ammarooni

Few appreciate how much Bitcoin has benefited from a lack of attention.

Those days are over now. I anticipate many will miss the good old days soon.

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Self sovereignty & The Sovereign Individual exist on a spectrum.

On one side - total free will & agency
On the other - people wanting to be told what to do
In the middle - a growing middle class w/ wide ranges of freedom preferences

Not everyone wants to be a freedom maximalist

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Giveaway Reminder! We are giving away 100 " is Venice" books.

Enter here before it ends on 08/01:

Protests in Paris over vaccine passports.
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PARIS - Importante mobilisation pour ce nouveau samedi : des milliers de personnes défilent dans la capitale.

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Senator @ewarren's attacks on are unwarranted and show a lack of understanding, as the technology supports the financial inclusion she so often champions.

@theemikehobart discusses this inclusion and more:

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