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So bullish on the Bitcoin community.

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Twitter is frequently just as FUD-filled and doom and gloom as your average corporate media outlet. Beware the death scroll. Go outside. Get sunshine. Visit friends IRL. Embrace life.

On that note, checking out for the weekend. Til Monday, plebs 🧡✌🏻

So bad ass!
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Recording a private key in steel is never going to be an quick & easy process. But while creating this test plate yesterday, I thought back to previous letter-based back-ups I've made and these @SteelQR21 plates really are a leap forward.

Big h/t to @KeithMukai & @snicktoshi.

If the majority of your meals are not home cooked, I feel bad for you and your wallet.

Home cooking is the easiest way to improve your health and wealth.

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I would like to host someone on my podcast to debate me by arguing for the proposition: "Human CO2 emissions are causing a climate crisis".

Fiat academia credentials required.

It’s not a cult…
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Pilgramage = Conference
Sacrament = Grooming
Crusade = Legislation
Muslims = Pipelines
Priest = Scientist
God = Climate
Sins = CO2
Infadels = Deniers
Witches = Big Oil
Scripture = IPCC
Canon =
The Baptist = Al Gore
Messiah = Greta
Eucharist = Bugs
Prophecy = Flood

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@allenf32 & Sacha Meyers with some of the most thoughtful writing in the game right now 🔥

As USD liquidity situation worsens, Bitcoin’s risk profile remains unchanged. Whereas bonds’ and stocks’ risk profile seemingly undergo a phase change.

At some point bitcoin becomes risk-off in comparison to everything else. That point may be sooner than we think…

Hype! Bitcoin Amsterdam will be awesome.

Conference starts in 18 days.
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Announcing Janine as a Bitcoin Amsterdam speaker!

@J9Roem is a privacy researcher and independent investigative journalist focused on Bitcoin and (counter)surveillance. She is also the author of "This Month in Bitcoin Privacy" newsletter.

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Announcing Angus Champion de Crespigny as a Bitcoin Amsterdam speaker!

@anguschampion is a managing director at PwC, where he oversees cyber, risk and regulatory for digital assets. He previously founded and ran EY’s Financial Services Blockchain practice from 2015 to 2018.

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This is what bravery looks like…
Stop complaining about “mansplaining” and support these heroes who are fighting for real justice!

Stand with the Iranian people!

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earning yield on the bitcoin is hard if you're a small node, until now!

now you can run a targeted strategy in coordination with my deezy node to earn a reliable yield (hint: double digit apy 👀)

check it out

The women of Iran are the real heroes.

True bravery in the face of death.

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The Unfolding Sovereign Debt & Currency Crisis

"As yields soar across global debt markets and $DXY moves higher, the euro, yen and pound are breaking massively lower, forcing foreigners to cover by selling currency reserves and dollar-denominated assets."

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