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So bullish on the Bitcoin community.

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Great to meet @samjrule and compare notes on bonds, inflation vs deflation, upcoming central bank policy, and ETFs.

SF Bitcoiners!

Got a Bitcoin meet up going tonight with Girls in Tech.

Join us. Drinks are sponsored 🎃
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Where are the lady bitcoiners?

Join me at Bay Area Bitcoiners & Girls in Tech Early Halloween Social

“Cash is trash” and “Don’t fight the Fed” are two of the most important axioms in finance.

Bitcoin simultaneously creates cash that is not trash and makes Central banks obsolete.

This is a big deal.


Bitcoin is the signal. Ethereum is the bubble.

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@ln_strike @MTS_Store @SubstackInc @WearAtoms @McDonalds Woah this means you can get your ticket to @TheBitcoinConf and earn 21% cash back.

You can catch us at the event in Miami in 2022 ✌️

You actually get an additional $100 off when you pay with Bitcoin so its actually 45% off.
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Pay with bitcoin using Strike + the promo code FOMO and get your bitcoin 2022 conference tickets effectively for 31% Off!!!

These Strike deals last usually for one hour!


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New speaker announcement📣

The one and only @stephanlivera joins our speaker roster and will be in Miami for !

Livera is a podcaster who is co-founder @ministryofnodes, partner @BitcoinerVC and managing director of @SwanBitcoin International.

Live in 30 mins.
Going live today on @bitcoinmagazine spaces at 2pm ET with @markgoodw_in to discuss his fascinating concept of the Bitcoin-Dollar.

👀 New Fed Watch Drops today!

This week @ansellindner and I sit down to chat with @samjrule about the Fed and the economy.

Does the Fed have any power or is everything just expectation management?

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11am pacific. come talk with my man @ck_SNARKs, friends and myself about , the US Dollar, energy, and everything in between.

thanks for the platform to discuss and get to know each other!


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