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So bullish on the Bitcoin community.

RIP my dms.

I will get back to all of you next week.


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Just dropped a NEW TEE for Pizza Day 🍕@bitcoinmagazine get it online only available until Tuesday!

Pizza Day is May 22 - celebrate with this new design inspired by Remus Brezeanu’s original Bitcoin Pizza from issue 1! 📕🍕

Looking for a hungry Bitcoiner interested in Bitcoin history!

You will get to research and assist Bitcoin Magazine in uncovering the deep roots of Bitcoin’s past.

Job not listed. Dm if interested.

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You're probably tired of hearing that the business cycle, Fed hikes, and equity correlation are in charge of bitcoin. I just published "What is bitcoin's fair value?" for subscribers to dive into fundamentals, my first piece co-written with @JoeConsorti.

Seeing lots of tweets about “monkey pox”. 👀

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SLP380 @jeffdeist and I chat Economic Freedom around the world

- Exiting Australia
- Freedom indexes
- economic freedom & political freedom
- social issues

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What does hyperbitcoinization mean to you?

@raypaxful shares his thoughts on Magazine Live

Full interview:

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sometimes stream of consciousness stuff comes out okay just cheesy rhymes ya know?

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@Bitcoinbeach We're hiring for Hyberbitcoinization ⚡️

@bitcoinmagazine is growing fast and recruiting for the following roles:

🌐 Scrum Master
👁️ Senior Brand Designer
🍾 VIP Events Producer
🎉 Events Producer
📽️ Video Production - Editor

Apply and join the team!

The only way for Ethereum to even have a chance of being more Bitcoin-like, is for Vitalik to abandon it. Until then the temptation to coordinate to “fix” the system will always be too hard to resist.
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Contradiction between my desire to see Ethereum become a more Bitcoin-like system emphasizing long-term stability and stability, including culturally, and my realization that getting there requires quite a lot of…

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Incredibly excited for Hoseki and founder Sam Abbassi’s work to advance bitcoin.

Sam is IMPRESSIVE to say the least, and that the Hoseki team is focused on developing infrastructure to unlock new BTC utility - via proof of reserves - is bullish for the financialization of BTC.

George is an excellent follow. Principled Bitcoiner. Great friend.
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@ercwl @ck_SNARKs @bitcoinmagazine Damn ok I guess I need more followers then

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I and @ck_SNARKs (General Manager of @bitcoinmagazine) have officially entered a tungsten bet!

Bet is on whether Ethereum will successfully migrate to PoS or not in 2022. I am taking the ”pro” side, @ck_SNARKs is taking the ”con”. Kudos @ck_SNARKs, you truly have tungsten balls!

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