> Bitcoin bootstraps as a "P2P Electronic Cash System" collectible interesting to cypherpunks

> Fiat onramps built, decentralization increases, network governance proven

> Value of monetary policy recognized, hodler investment thesis spreads, base layer transitions to legitimate store of value

> Second layer developed to scale "P2P Electronic Cash" to billions

> Base layer replaces central banking

> Lightning Network replaces payment systems

> Bitcoin becomes global unit of account

@citizenbitcoin @cypherpunk A shame that Lightning Network won't work without massive centralized hubs that could exert censorship.

Also the artificially crippled scalability at the BTC layer will also limit how many people can onboard into LN, as opening and closing LN channels need BTC transactions.

@citizenbitcoin You're describing the suffix of "I have a dream"

@simonlutz @citizenbitcoin this man livin in the future already, just giving you a glimpse

@citizenbitcoin I'd also add "Sovereign states begin stockpiling bitcoin to save themselves from their own debt defaults." I suspect Japan may already have.

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