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UASF was about asserting positive rights – the right to incorporate desired changes as demanded by the majority of the userbase.

NO2X was about negative rights: the right not to be interfered with. The right not to have the protocol tampered with without cause.

This week's episode of Rabbit Hole Recap is now available: anchor.fm/tales-from-the-crypt

Uncut & Uncensored. Just me, you, and @martybent sifting through this wild week of bitcoin.

-Emerging Market currency crises
-Iran give Bitcoin mining the go-ahead
-Ethereum FOMC meeting
-Infura centralization
-Casa's new plug and play all-in-one Bitcoin full node + Lightning node
-Discussions of a new Bitcoin testnet

(Available on all major podcast apps by searching 'tales from the crypt')

In this ep Brady reads a Twitter thread by Eric Wall that is intended to serve as a reminder to all when the ICO idiocy returns. And the host of @TheCryptoconomy podcast joins to talk about the thread, ICOs, shitcoins and bitcoin education.


Two things I think underappreciated about Bitcoin scaling in the near future: (1) Schnorr signature aggregation is a huge deal because what's vastly more important than the size of a block is *how many signatures a full node needs to verify per second*, and aggregation reduces it dramatically, (2) sig aggregation is a non-trivial endeavour, to say the least - it's *much* harder than just implementing a Schnorr signature (which has benefits on its own, to be clear).

Bitcoin is undervalued right now. With segwit and Lightning, bitcoin is pulling away from the pack. Protocols tend toward one by rule of network law and money tends toward one when it is market based and not imposed by force via government fiat.

@nic yes, profitable, self-sustainable, world class bitcoin education. I'd love to chat with you about it. You interested?

@nic It doesn't surprise me that Roger is doing this. He is the AnCap Bernie Sanders so he needs to throw us a bone once in a while to let us know how down he is with the cause.

Overall a good thing for sure, though I no longer think Roger is misguided; he's a sociopath and understands what gets anarchists on his side.

🚨Altcoin prices tumble as bitcoin price holds strong at the 6,000 USD per BTC and the 100 billion USD market cap level. Why is bitcoin different than all the rest? Bitmain Pre-IPO documents paint a picture of trouble for the mightiest bitcoin mining company. What's up? All in the latest pod.


. @TheCryptoconomy podcast is doing a great service for the bitcoin community as a leader in bitcoin education. This is an absolute must listen for any student of bitcoin. If you're just getting started, strap those headphones on and enjoy a great bitcoin journey from episode one.

If you already subscribe and appreciate it too, help out the effort with a review or donation.

"The US can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default." - Alan Greenspan

@BitcoinBelle Problem is, is a con-man. I'm sure he had all kinds of self-substantiated lies to draw people in. The one thing that really bothers me is how he plans to use to "Cash Out" by trolling. If nothing else, this shows how much of a fraud he is. Guess who is in the center of the current drama over the November ? Yep, our boy Craig. He can go straight to hell, in my opinion.

Bitcoin is a beautiful, living fractal of human market-based interaction and socio-technological adoption.

“It is impossible for Bitmain to divest their BCH holdings onmarket. Full stop. The BCH markets are not liquid enough to absorb the amount of coins Bitmain is still holding” [email protected]

Listen to @CryptoHerpesCat's epic piece on the Bitmain drama!


I can take a long slow grind down to 3k or 1.5k if that is what is necessary. But would be cool to see bitcoin just refuse to drop below that 6k/100b range.

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