@nvk that's somewhat unfortunate. Can multiple nodes (independently run) be attached? For instance one node ran by you, another one by @pete and so on.

At dns level you would still be in charge since I assume you are the owner of @bitcoinhackers.org but some sort of trust needs to exist between you and the node owners (in order to achieve clustering on postgres etc). I'm just thinking out loud here.

@nvk @pete I’m a bit of a slow poke here but what happens if said managed vps goes down? Also does this mean that you have access to some db with all toots in bitcoinhackers.org?

@vladcostea I see. Sign me up for 50 001 then 😂 beers on you when 1 sat = 1 dollar

What iOS app are you guys using for mastodon?

@vladcostea when you consider sat dollar parity these people are very generous :D Can we bid for two spots at once? For instance I want 1 sat to be the last in the list and 50 001 sats to be first in the list. If its possible I want those 2 bids 😂

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