Another (un)popular opinion:

Not ALL spooks have an evil mission and work for the benefit of the dark side.


You make it sound so nefarious.

But it's still technically leaving a record.

It would be nice if we could just chose to burn coins and get priority for the newly generated coins with a reasonable fee.

Miners shoukd appreciate having the opportunity to mine coins repeatedly while cleaning the tx set.

Maybe a new flag in the mempool or a new mempool specifically for the burn/reissue queue. Tx's compete on fees as usual.


Not bad but a little awkward and potentially expensive in tx fees. esp at the current price.

Why did Satoshi release the alpha as an ms. exe?

It always seemed out of character to me.

Has there been any effort to implement logic for COMPLETELY detaching an address or wallet from the blockchain?

Seems like it might be a useful feature for some use cases.

Maybe include a small fee for reattaching at a later date.

"Note that the method of the above paper not only breaks RSA but all public
key cryptosystems that are mathematically isomorphic to it, which is
basically ALL of them, including elliptic curve systems"

Just saying....

It took over 18 months of dev & testing plus a one year window to onboard schnorr signatures + taproot. It was a similar timeframe for segwit + bech32.

How long will it take to migrate to a replacement for sha256 if/when it's needed?

Schiff is in the business of preserving his and his clients existing wealth.

He has no incentive or interest for creating NEW wealth.

What's the backup option in case sha256 is cracked?

Please don't say gold...

IF Bitcoin is about self sovereignty;

It's my choice what I do with my sats.

Stack, sell, lend, borrow, giveaway, destroy.

I will decide for myself what is best for me.

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