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If you use Twitter to get informed about news, new releases of software, new podcast episodes and so on, you can get around that by using an RSS reader. If you hate RSS, try It is completely new thing that allows you to follow an enormous number of people without getting overwhelmed or feeling like you must read all posts from all sources.

It even works with Twitter accounts directly.

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"If you don't make stuff, there is no stuff" -- @[email protected] explaining why more money is NOT the same as more wealth.

You can't solve a production crisis by printing more bit of paper, sorry @[email protected]


Bitcoin Migration to Mastodon. The good chatter is no longer on Twitter. Come find us here!

It’s your job to liberate other nerds from their high pay financial engineering jobs.

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If you are a wealthy nerd, go build the sci-fi wolrd you want to live in.


oy vei

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Rush for US$ forces HK money changers to turn away customers who fear the HK$ could be unpegged.”HK Monetary Authority’s Eddie Yue Wai-man said earlier..the peg would remain the bedrock of the city’s financial system.”


Twitter is done. Gradually then suddenly.

Way too much Media Noise lately. If i can merge, custom filter and data mine all of my telegram feeds together with mastodon and twitter, I'll be in heaven staying in one app.

I don't want to use an external service. hmmmm.... maybe my next weekender project?

Please, keep using Mastodon this time. Bird site has to go.

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Mastodon is an open source twitter clone that runs on federated servers. Anyone can run a server(called instances), & all users can interact across instances. You can even run your own instance if you want. @[email protected] created a bitcoin specific instance below:


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Fun development this week for anyone who uses Electrum-compatible wallets: the lead maintainer of the ElectrumX server has snapped and all future releases will be BSV-only.

I ran a script to hit every publicly available Electrum server I could find. 100% are running ElectrumX.

Push advertising needs to be made illegal. Subscribing someone to your mailing list, billboards, ads on web pages, all of it can eat shit and die

Beijing to HK: "You may not Protest on Protest Day"

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This was sent in a PRIVATE chat with a PERSONAL friend.

First time in my life someone tells me what I'm allowed or not allowed to tell my friends.

PSA: Google Drive will delete your content if they deem its inappropriate. Don't store important docs on Google.

Google is deleting 'Plandemic' from people's personal Google Drive accounts after WAPO WAPO WAPO narcs on them

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