This is why #DeleteFacebook is trending?! Because he literally SPOKE with conservatives? Behold, the tolerant left...

Firing Line host Margaret Hoover shreds Democrat megadonor Michael Bloomberg for his shocking defense of the Communist Party of China.


The elite want the Chinese model of Communist trade, the wealthy live well, micro-control of the 99% with the option to punish...the Chinese Social Credit System.....which American corporations and Big Tech have already implemented here to subvert the law....just bypass our rights. I guess there are many on the Left who don't realize they are supporting it by voting for Democrats.

#WalkAway like I did.

The Revolution has already started. Are you in or out?

Friend Traveling writes: " was in South Africa for quite awhile. Now, I'm pressing north. Made it to Zimbabwe. It's an odd place for sure. They are almost completely on to digital currency. "

Math is Money. And don't you forget that. 😀

I like what Ivan on Tech says “If you want to be at the top of the food chain, be a builder, not just a trader. Learn how to write code” 🙂

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The Bisq DAO has now burned over 100,000 BSQ since it went live in April.

Translation: traders are buying it and using it to pay trading fees, compensating contributors who earned it.

@TallTim Clion looks pretty sweet. just downloaded and tried it. A bit heavy like pycharm but just as nice. :)

@christinabahk Derivatives are only accessible to the degenerate bankers that can lever them up to 100x. They call that "protecting the consumer". I call it a walled garden. Same reason I can't trade "contracts for difference", which is ludicrous to me.

@TallTim Its interesting. i've never been more motivated to get back into coding until i started getting knee deep in crypto. :)

@TallTim how about Clion from JetBrains? Looks nice. I've been using Pycharm, wondering if this is any decent:

@TallTim Indeed. we are now getting to the insidious point of what I call MITM attacks, which are AML/KYC procedures by bitcoin payment processors such as OpenNode. Today we lost OpenNode. If you're not hosting it yourself, you're open to attack by regulators. BTCPay - or any open self-hosted OpenSource is the only option.

I never thought that the US would be listed next to Iran, Syria and North Korea in this context. And the irony is that this application is being developed in NYC.

“Trusted third parties are security holes.”
– Nick Szabo

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