Hey Bitcoiners. What's your favorite wallet these days?

@Sosthene requires syncing the entire blockchain... would prefer it not?

@christinabahk there's a fast sync system that allows to download a prevalidated blockchain (there's a trust tradeoff of course but it can be mitigated and it might be acceptable). I don't like to compromise much with this at least for now

@christinabahk for small-ish amounts (it's still in beta) I use @samourai_official, mainly because I like the direction the team is going and want to keep an eye on it

@notmandatory Hi Steve! good to hear from you. How is bitcoin development going on your end?

@christinabahk Hi! coding on the android app is still moving along, hoping to have a testnet beta out this summer 🤞

@notmandatory Sounds awesome. Would love to be a beta tester, let me know when its ready :)

@notmandatory have you seen this project before? seems similar to gotenna but over radio waves. seems to have been around since at least 2013

@christinabahk still gonna be Electrum for all the many standards and full spectrum of trust scenarios it supports — light client, client that can integrate with a full node (using EPS), and a watch client that supports many hardware wallets.


I use electrum, joinmarket, blockstream green on phone, lnd wallet for lightning (occasionally eclair). I use Bitcoin a lot so would have trouble sticking to one :)

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