only 0.04 transacted on LBC, but this new top entry is AOA at a price premium of $18324.00 USD equiv. Coincident with the recent 400k Congolese expulsion in Angola?

@christinabahk I wonder which country will fully Bitcoinize their currency, when will it happen and what will be the impetus that ultimately makes it happen?

@PaulTroon Japan already made Bitcoin legal currency in spring 2017. It would be interesting to see a collateralized fiat backed by bitcoin. Korea, might be one of the first to go full digital currency. The rate and awareness of adoption there is exceptionally high compared to other parts of the world. China is another. Neither of these necessarily would be bitcoinized, but they would likely be some form of native digital asset.

@PaulTroon Bitcoin is being hoarded by sovereign states, to be used as a means to settle sovereign debt in the future. People have been talking about this since 2011. Watch this :

@PaulTroon the commentary by the audience is key, to what i'm talking about.

@christinabahk very interesting idea. The state hates gold, but also makes a big deal about hoarding it.

So sure, why not Bitcoin if that's what it takes to convince the population or trading partners that they can defend their currency.

The audience member's point about bitcoin collateralized loans is probably the key point. This is happening today and will likely be a popular way to spend bitcoin.

@christinabahk .. on the other hand, I bet there are a lot of collateralized loan investors that are pretty happy with this dip because it lets them pick up some BTC super cheap due to defaults.

@PaulTroon @christinabahk
I'm hoping the dip lasts for the next two years so i can acquire more.

@mydogisahusky @PaulTroon @christinabahk hahaha yup. Dip until McAfee's a eunuch. I will be accumulating.😂😂😂😎

@PaulTroon With regards to gold, you might want to hear this talk from aantonop 2014 (i know old, but still extremely relevant) . I think I've listened to at least 50 of his speeches, and i think the earlier ones have better raw edges, storytelling and honesty

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