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I don't work for the man.

I work for the invisible revolution you won't see until its too late.

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The Government may have banned BTC in India, but $200k USD equivalent was traded in last 24hrs in INR for a total of ~ 32 BTC on LBC alone.

"You can regulate your Country out of Bitcoin, but you cannot regulate Bitcoin out of your Country" --aantonp.

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Mastodon be the censorship resistant Twitter

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And now fiat could have an expiration date
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This is interesting: "Beijing has tested expiration dates to encourage users to spend it quickly, for times when the economy needs a jump start." via @jamestareddy

All this sphinx action got me worked up enough i had to finally cave in and run my own lnd.😂 There is quite a bit of a lightning learning curve, but now its incentivized

I'm running a lightning node now. If any one wants to open a channel to me, please DM

There’s a chance you could lose all your money investing in . But keep it in fiat and you’ll lose it all for certain.

Welcome Shrembot to Telegram!

Hit up shremy to view open p2p offers or add your own. PM or message /help for commands.

h/t to distinguished Botfather @christinabahk. No man left behind on the keybase move

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@PrestonPysh here’s a Rolodex of memes that just ended Tether FUD. Anyone can use these, no watermarks.

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec

BREAKING: The United States has determined that the Wuhan Institute of Virology engaged in classified research, including laboratory animal experiments, on behalf of the Chinese military since at least 2017


Signal app is not a panacea. Be careful. Two strikes against it:
1) unnecessary phone number KYC 2) it's vulnerable to OS level logging via soft-keyboard. Signal knows the vulnerability but doesn't warn users. Why is that?

This girl just realized that she got paid in BTC to do a painting back in 2013.

Reality doesn't care about the keynesian garbage you learnt at school. People are drawn to scarce money like moths to flame.

Who wants to hold money that goes down? Bitcoin goes up.

Imagine a future with an organization that:

- Oversees every transaction you make
- Controls where and how you can spend your money
- Can just take your money and use it as it wish

That’s the future central bankers plan, and you only have one alternative.  

Yield farming options on bitcoin include these:

• Hodlhodl loans (up to 12% APY) - start here:

• Lightning Pool (up to 8% APY) - start here:

• Bisq market maker (up to 5% APY) - start here:

• Liquidity bot (up to 5% APY) - start here:

• Joinmarket yield generator (up to 0.5% APY) - start here:

All of these options are no-kyc and use native btc smart contracts.

We all know that something along these lines probably exists in our future. Do your prep now and make sure your rebuttals are swift and concise when/if they are required.

We're under the biggest Psy-Op of our generation. Can you read between the lines and see what is real vs fake?

The Revolution will be Decentralized. Be Here Now. Welcome Newbies to Mastodon!

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