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I don't work for the man.

I work for the invisible revolution you won't see until its too late.

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The Government may have banned BTC in India, but $200k USD equivalent was traded in last 24hrs in INR for a total of ~ 32 BTC on LBC alone.

"You can regulate your Country out of Bitcoin, but you cannot regulate Bitcoin out of your Country" --aantonp.

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Mastodon be the censorship resistant Twitter

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2019-04-12 22:45:53.919191
Top 10 LocalBitcoins last 24hr
RUB 478.842844
USD 243.821592
VES 238.181532
CNY 121.500261
NGN 105.929525
COP 102.476061
GBP 82.367809
EUR 58.250452
INR 37.750278
ZAR 37.128153

A big thanks to @stephanlivera for turning me on to this excellent essay. Describes our current fiat monetary system perfectly:

2019-04-05 06:59:26.113927
Top 10 LocalBitcoins last 24hr
RUB 463.924872
VES 274.335307
USD 210.800653
NGN 136.130260
CNY 118.096925
COP 90.828304
GBP 83.852829
EUR 69.103894
INR 40.745867
ZAR 36.116563

The 15 biggest money launderers are banks. Need to clean your dirty money? Head on over to the nearest JP Morgan Chase branch.

Next time I hear "Bitcoin is a Scam!" I'm going to say "You Bankies are a Scam!" 😂

where $ refers to the a bash shell prompt :)

With so much noise now in news and social media, its hard to find quality. Where do you go to get your best source of quality content?

Crypto conferences that cost < $300 USD or free to attend - 😂 absolute gems full of high quality and content. Anything priced above that, covered with bros, shills and empty posturing.

The anti-regulatory self-sufficient state needs to exist. Without US intervention. Sanction all the way, no problemo. Maybe the only way to do this is in outer space.

If there could be a nation-state which prohibits FACTA style AML/KYC, I would fully support it.

2019-03-28 19:25:07.452988
Top 10 LocalBitcoins last 24hr
RUB 518.645396
USD 255.570090
VES 252.526497
COP 142.492392
NGN 129.259696
CNY 110.035204
GBP 109.343013
EUR 87.589365
INR 49.719943
ZAR 41.246570

Imagine what you can do with 8 hours of your precious time on earth instead of spending it on checking off regulatory banking boxes. It's not like I'll ever see the regulatory benefits, fwiw

STOs are just regulatory fingers in the crypto space. Everyone's talking about it but nobody is really gonna do it

Regulations are only about stopping legit businesses from making forward progress. 4 hours at a bank to get a form filled in, and I have had enough.

AML/KYC is censorship and a digital dog collar.

Regulations are a dog leash. They can choose when they want to jerk you around.

2019-03-21 20:51:12.181828
Top 10 LocalBitcoins last 24hr
RUB 509.375617
USD 304.571453
VES 293.794874
EUR 259.935864
CNY 163.924215
NGN 117.676771
GBP 116.443215
COP 108.170686
INR 36.189632
PEN 33.447823

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