@chowcollection Glad to see someone still alive over here. How you been, sir?

@Bit_Faced Pretty good! Making preparations to film a documentary about art patronage and the artists I'm working with. How are you?

@chowcollection Sorry. I asked how you were and then got busy. lol. That's awesome. I may have mentioned to you that my degreee is in video production. Hit me with a link when it's finished. Good luck with it.

I'm great. Mining isn't the greatest investment at the moment, but it'll get better. lol. Been having fun taking over shitcoin networks.


@Bit_Faced Ha no worries, and thanks. There will be a lot of obscenely wealthy Bitcoiners in the coming years, and I'd like to have a hand in dissuading them from buying Lambos and focus instead on improving society through culture and art.

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